Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cut and Sew Ornaments Are A Great Idea For Craft Shows

When I was designing my cut and sew dolls I wanted to create something that would be a great sewing tool for kids as well as something that would give them a more immediate feeling of achievement. I realized after creating all my cut and sew dols that they would also be a great ornament to sell at local church fairs and craft shows.

I now have 88 different cut and sew doll and ornaments designs. Plenty to choose from. They're quick and easy to create and totally adorable.  Plus, there's so many different types to choose from - what's not to love?

Time to get sewing! Time to start crafting!  Onward to the craft shows!

 If you'd like to see all my cut and sew designs please CLICK HERE.  

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