Sunday, May 17, 2015

Craft Tutorials, Articles, Patterns, DIY's, & How-to's and Projects Submission Websites For Independent Small Business Crafters On The We

Have you noticed there seems to be a lot of craft articles, tutorials, DIY's, patterns and how-to's everywhere you look on the Internet now? Whether they are artists and crafters writing posts for their blogs, small business owners writing content for their websites, or craft magazine professionals and businesses looking for crafters to submit free crafts content - there is no shortage of free craft content articles.

There are articles, tutorials, patterns, DIY's, projects and how-to's that explain how to do this or that and come in all different kinds of formats. Some are contained within a webpage or blog, some can be downloaded, and some are a combination of both. It seems like more and more crafters are writing.  It might be small independent artists and crafters writing content or professional crafters and magazine publishers writing content.

If you like to read crafts tutorials, like I do, then with the amount of blog posts and free content out there you can be reading 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days of the year and still not read it all.

The good news with all of this is you don't have to be a professional writer to have a crafts tutorial, pattern, article, DIY, how-to or e-book published on the web. You can be a small, independent crafter just trying to get your name out there or wanting to share your passion with the world.

Over the last few years I've noticed that not only is there a proliferation of free crafts content and how-to content on a lot of small business artist and crafters websites, but a a proliferation of free crafts content websites springing up for posting tutorials, patterns, DIY's, and how-to's written by just about anyone. The only criteria for the latter seems to be that the article must be an original copyrighted article written by the article submitter.

Terms and conditions for usage of this content vary website to website so if you want to submit your article to them read the terms and conditions of your rights as to your articles and the rights of others utililizing the content from these websites.

I hope you find my list of websites that allow you to submit crafts articles, tutorials, patterns, DIY's, how-to's, and projects useful.  The links are to the submission, terms and FAQ pages. (Favecrafts)
Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine (Magcloud) (Favecrafts) (Northlight Mixed Media Books) (Cross-stitch & Needlework) (Machine Quilting Unlimited) (Article) (Pattern) (Rubber Stamp Madness) (Soft Dolls & Animals) (Just Cards) (Scrap & Stamps Arts) (Polymer Cafe Magazine) ( ( (Threads) (Articles & Videos) (Slideshows & Videos)

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