Tuesday, November 08, 2011

New Items For My Linda Walsh Originals Etsy Shoppe

After thinking about this for quite a while I decided to re-stock my Linda Walsh Originals Handmade Dolls & Crafts Shop on Etsy in time for the holidays.

I've been a little delinquent in re-stocking my shop there. I set up my Etsy shop in March of 2008 but  I haven't added anything since 2009. It's not because I didn't have the time - well, that could be part of the reason. It's because I got really discouraged back then with Etsy and a small crafter's ability to get noticed over there.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of handmade products on Etsy - which is a REALLY GOOD THING for handmade goods and the handmade goods industry. However, for the small business crafter that means it's really, really hard to get noticed.

Back then I was told to list something new every day, join groups, participate in the forum, and create treasuries. So, for a while I tried listing every day and joined a couple of groups and participated in the forum.

Many of the groups suggested treasuries as a sure fire way to get noticed. Well, every time I tried to create a treasury I was unable to do so. There were just too many being created at the same time and a limited number of spots available. Spots only opened up when a treasury dropped off and a new slot was open. However, you never new when this would happen during the day so you had to wait your turn, and wait, and wait. Well, there was no way I was going to sit at the computer all day just waiting to initiate my treasury or get up at three in the morning. I thought hours upon hours to create a treasury that may or may not be noticed - what a waste of a small business crafters time.

It just seemed impossible to get noticed so I decided to keep my shop open - in case I changed my mind, and let my products lapse. And, that's how it's been for two years.

I have always been a firm believer in a small business crafter having their own website and/or blog as the main avenue for selling their handmade items and using other websites as supplemental promotional vehicles.

Such was the case for me with my Etsy shop.  I have ALWAYS had my own Linda Walsh Originals Shop website stocked with hundreds of handmade doll & craft products and my patterns and e-patterns.  I set-up my Etsy shop to give my Linda Walsh Originals businesses a presence on Etsy.  A handmade marketplace where I could sell some of my handmade dolls & crafts and some of my patterns and e-patterns.

In thinking about Etsy lately I figured that after two years of absence maybe things have changed a bit over there. Maybe I should give it a shot again.

So, I added a few Santa's to my Etsy shop and will add a few more things in time for the holidays.

I'm going to give Etsy another try.

Who knows. Maybe things have substantially improved for the better over on Etsy.

Maybe I'll get noticed and like it this time.

Maybe I'll even sell something over there.

I'll let you know what happens.

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