Thursday, April 07, 2011

What A Surprise I Love The Blog Better!

We have news on Top Blogs By Crafters  toplist and Top Blogs By Crafters blog.

Good News and Bad - No Make That Better News For Top Blogs By Crafters.  

Now some might consider it good news and some might consider it bad news. Well, I think it's good news and even better news.

Since 2006 we have had the best art, craft, sewing, knitting, needlepoint, designer, woodworking, painting, illustration, story telling, cross-stitch, free craft articles, doll making, folk art, primitive, country, seasonal, mixed media, abstract art, scrap-booking, e-products, crazy quilting, quilting, vintage, Victorian, shabby chic, printables, beading, gardening, food, altered art, candle making, Americana, holiday, animal crafts, wool felting, textile, food crafts, applique, basket making, abstract art, contemporary art, creative embroidery, watercolor art, wearable art, ribbon crafts, crewel, decorative painting, crochet, digital art, graphic art, dried floral design, fiber art, weaving, wedding crafts, baby crafts, fragrance crafts, gourd painting, home decor,paper crafts, jewelry making, lamp making, rug making, soap making, stamping, stenciling, tie-dying, pottery, handbag making, purse making, totes making, pocketbook making, polymer clay, potpourri, etc. blogs by the best artists and crafters on the web listed on our Top Blogs By Crafters toplist.

Well, we have grown so LARGE that we have decided to temporarily suspend new membership in our toplist over on

However, we do have GOOD NEWS!  New membership in our Top Blogs By Crafters blog is STILL OPEN and you can join us there by clicking HERE.

Now you might think that temporarily suspending membership on is bad news.  Well, actually it's really good news because we have grown so LARGE.  That means there are lots and lots of wonderful arts & crafts blogs now versus just a handful like it was back in 2006.

The reason we decided to suspend membership over on is because the hosting company that offers the toplists is undergoing some major changes and has been doing so for over a year now. Well, some of those changes are and have been, in my opinion, disruptive to my membership and to the running of my toplist.

So, I decided to move all 517 members over to our  Top Blogs By Crafters blog and we will continue to add all the wonderful artists and crafters blogs over there.  When the changes have been finalized we will review what they've done and determine if it makes sense to re-open membership over there.

In the meantime, I am loving having  Top Blogs By Crafters on .  Just between you and me I happen to think membership over on our Top Blogs By Crafters blog is even better than membership on our toplist.  Now that should come as no surprise to any of you.  The "blogging queen" loves her toplist as a blog!  As a blog it offers SO MANY MORE opportunities for the toplist and I think all of the members will like it as well as I do.  I hope you all agree.

I am not closing down my toplist on  Just playing a wait and see.

In any event, if you are a member of my toplist and have a voting banner/button on your blog I would appreciate it if you would change the banner/button and it's link to .
My new buttons and banners can be found HERE.

Plus, if you want to join Top Blogs By Crafters it's so easy to do.  We now have an online form.  Just click on our and submit your application now.

We still have RULES for membership in Top Blogs By Crafters .  They can be found HERE.

We hope you like all the changes we have made over at Top Blogs By Crafters .

Good news and even better news.

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