Friday, January 07, 2011

Wow! Look At All We Accomplished This Year!

It seems like 2010 was a very busy year, indeed! And, our "Tips For Crafters On The Web" blog was busy as well.

For 2010 we managed to tell you about the following:

We showed you how to change your blog from a 2-column blog to a 3-column blog in our "Linda's How-Do-I Series: Changing My Blog From 3-Columns To 4-Columns" post.

We showed you how to create an HTML box in our post "Linda's How-Do-I Series: How To Create An HTML Text Box."

We told you about's new pagination feature in our blog post " New Auto Pagination Feature???????"

We told you about a ton of changes we had made to our "Everything E-Directory" in our blog post "We Have Been Busy! So Many Changes To Our Everything E-Directory - WOW!"

We told you about some new changes on our "Top Blogs By Crafters Toplist" in our blog post "A Fresh Coat of Paint and Leveling The Playing Field!"

We revealed the results of our blog versus newsletter experiment in our blog post "The Results Of My BIG, BOLD & PROGRESSIVE STEP!"

We updated the information in our photo hosting series in our blog post "Photo Hosting Websites For Crafters - There's So Much To Offer Nowadays!"

We spend a lot of time researching and creating list for you about "Just Exactly Who Are All These Social Networking, Social News Sharing, Social Cataloging, Social Shopping, and Social Bookmarking Services Websites?" were and posted the following:

Who Are All The Social Tools and Aggregator Websites?

Then, we previewed the widget from and wrote about it in our blog post "Preview and Download Widget From Box.Net Is Terrific For Blogs and Websites."

After that we reviewed a photo collage website and posted about it in our blog post "I've Been Playing Again! This Time With A Collage Photo Tool Website."

We tested the upload speed of all our websites and challenged you to do the same in our blog post "How Fast Does Your Website Or Blog Load?"

We told you "We've Got Wonderful News - Top Blogs By Crafters Toplist Has Its Own Blog Now!"

We reviewed a personalized card making website and posted about it in our blog post "I've Been Playing, Again! This Time With A Personalized Card Website."

Last, but not least, we reviewed and wrote about it in our blog post "I Just Love and Our Doll Hops!"

It's been a very busy year, indeed!

But, there was so much more we wanted to tell you about.  We just ran out of time.

Oh, well!  There's always next year.

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