Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I Just Love and Our Doll Hops

I'm sure by now you've seen many websites and blogs featuring blog hops.

If you have then you know that helps you to set-up a matrix (i.e. collections) for blog hops, contests, giveaways, and challenges where users can add their thumbnail to the matrix and a link. The thumbnail can be any picture or banner and the link can be back to the main page of a blog or website, or even to an individual item for sale page.

Each item can have a name and description and you can set the time-frame for how long the blog hop, contest, giveaway, etc. will last.  Once you've set-up the parameters for your matrix (i.e. collection) then you just add the html code to your website or blog.

You can either be a free member of or an upgraded member for a small annual fee.  IN the free version you can set-up one thumbnail collection.  If you are an upgraded user them you can have multiple collections with thumbnails.

Well, the great thing about is that the matrix is very versatile. Instead of using it to set-up a blog hop, contest, or giveaway you could set it up to display collections of products such as the matrix we set-up on our DOLLS Blog by Linda Walsh Originals for Santa & Mrs. Claus Dolls. We call these Doll Hops and will be running them throughout the year.

We set this up as we thought it would be fun to have a "Santa & Mrs. Claus Doll Hop" for our dolls and to add other Santa's and Mrs. Clause dolls that some of our friends might be having for sale during this period. So, we invited our friends that sell handmade Santa's & Mrs. Clause dolls, have a family friendly website, and are a Linda's friend and/or follower of any of our blogs to add their doll's picture to our matrix.

We know we are going to LOVE our Doll Hops and can thank for that.  The matrix is a wonderful selling tool for crafters selling on the web.  It's also a great way to link many websites and blogs together with the objective of driving more business to everyone participating in the hop.  Think of it as a more advanced link exchange.

If you'd like to see and/or participate in our "Doll Hops" please visit our DOLLS Blog and look for the "Doll Hops" module in the sidebar of our blog. Then just click on the Doll Hop that interests you and click on the "Add Your Link" button to add your dolls picture and product page link.

Another great thing for crafters on the web is that is now offering commissions on referrals. If you are registered with them as an upgraded user then you get a 33% of the registration fee commission every time a new user comes from your referral links.  How great is that!

I know that I'm loving's matrix and our Doll Hops and hope you do too. See you at the Doll Hops.