Saturday, May 01, 2010

A Fresh Coat of Paint and Leveling The Playing Field!

Sometimes you just have to add a fresh coat of paint in order to reinvigorate a website and bring a breath of fresh air to it. Well, that's what I did to my Top Blogs By Crafters toplist during the last few days.

I changed the format, added some tables, and moved some things around to make it easier to access the toplist.

Most importantly, however, I leveled the playing field for all the members. For awhile now some of the members have had banners and some haven't and those with the banners, in my opinion, got noticed more often. So, I decided to change things. Since adding banners is not the easiest thing to understand and can be problematical at times I decided the easiest thing to do was add a banner for those members who didn't have one myself.

For those members who have banners and know how to add their own - great! For those members who either don't have banners or don't know how to add a banner from their blog they no longer have to worry. I'll add it for them. If you don't have a banner on your blog and just have a title and/or description then a banner will be created from a screenshot of the blogs heading.

I think the toplist is a whole lot cheerier now. The fresh coat of paint, more room to move around,  and the addition of members banners makes it much easier to scroll down the list and visit the blogs that interest you.  I hope you would agree.

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