Thursday, March 04, 2010 New Auto Pagination Feature???????

It seems that decided on 2/18/10 to roll out a new "auto pagination feature" for all blogs on This may or may not affect your blog as it depends on how many posts you previously included per page, how much HTML you used in your posts and the main body of your blog, and how many images you used in your posts and the main body of your blog.

The concern of seems to be the loading time of blogs - especially search result pages, label pages, and archive pages that were taking too long to load.

So, according to Starting today, we’re rolling out a change that affects how we paginate webpages on Blogger. We will dynamically adjust how much content to send to the browser depending on (a) the amount of HTML on the page being requested (in kilobytes) and (b) the number of images on the page. Users can continue to use “older posts” and “newer posts” navigation elements to see additional posts.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, if your previously had say 50 posts per page for your blog and you used a lot of HTML and images then your blog will succumb to the "auto pagination feature" formula and may now only display say - 10 posts, maybe more - maybe even less. For anyone with a large blog this usually means the posts column will be unduly shortened - throwing the looks of the blog vis-a-vis the main body and the sidebars totally out of kilter.

If you never included a lot of posts per page on your blog and haven't used a lot of html or images then you won't notice any change. If, however, you did have a lot of posts per page, html, and images then you will need to adjust the looks of your blog to suit the new "auto pagination feature."

I have had several of my blogs affected by this new change and have spent the past week trying to fix the looks of the main pages of these blogs. Needless to say - I'm not exactly a happy camper about this as this wasn't what I intended spending this week doing.

It's always fun and games in cyberspace - especially when you have no control over changes just thrust upon you. I can understand Blogger's page loading concern and have been a huge fan of for quite some time. Despite all this I still consider to be the "Cadillac" of blog service providers because of all the unbelievable features and capabilities their blogs have, but arbitrary decisions like this certainly move them down a few pegs. Nice going

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