Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Win-Win For Artists and Crafters -

I just have the best news to tell you. I just opened up a Linda Walsh Originals Winkelf store. If you don't know what is I should tell you that it is a fabulous new online shopping marketplace for artists and crafters.

I spent the weekend filling up my Linda Walsh Originals Winkelf store and creating my Linda Walsh Originals Winkelf blog. Yes, they even give you a fully integrated blog with the blog posts appearing along the right hand side of the store. How fabulous is that?

Winkelf was started by Samantha, who is an artisan, mother, seller and buyer. She was a member of eBay, Etsy, Trunkt and Flickr and also a web designer/developer of ecommerce websites. In 2005 she decided that it was time for her to create Winkelf - an online marketplace for sellers and buyers of handmade goods.

Here's what they have to say about themselves:

WinkElf is the people's online shopping marketplace for designers, artisans and all creative folk to buy and sell handmade goodies, vintage treasures, craft supplies and even some brand name items for your home and family.

Built by hand (by me) with a love for handmade goods, you won't be subjected to the gameplay of big business here. Discover free stores, no listing fees and a low selling-only fee.

Here's what they have to say about their selling packages:

Basic package where you can list for free every day with an unbranded store and unlimited listings... with just a 2.5% selling-only fee. Not one penny for unsold items, whether you list just one item or 1,000,000 items.

All-inclusive package for only $5 a month. Don't worry, our prices don't change from month-to-month. That's our every day price... for everyone!

So, I opened up a basic store and have to tell you that I just LOVE it. It's easy to do, easy to add items to, and easy to add links to all your network places like;
Facebook,, Flickr, Twitter, IndiePublic, ByHandMe, and more.

Plus, they allow you to have 4 extra pages that you can customize the way you want and that are always shown on the left hand side of your store. I added the following pages:

Linda's Handmade Dolls
Linda's Pattern Designs
Our Store Policies

And, for everyone who sells not only handmade items, but e-patterns, e-tutorials, e-books, and more they have digital download capability so you can upload you digital products in .zip files and have the link automatically emailed to the customer when you have been paid. If you are an artist or crafter who just started selling e-products this is a fabulous feature. However, you don't have to have them digitally downloaded. You can sell them as e-products that you email to the customer as attachments to your email once you have been notified of payment by the customer.

I have some of my handmade dolls & crafts listed in my store, plus some of my e-patterns and e-books.

Some of the other features of the store are you can categorize your items and drag/drop the sorting order. You can create a Profile page, send me a message, tell a friend about me, or even subscribe to my store's RSS feed. And, every time you list an item you can Twitter about it. Add to that a schedule feature that allows you to schedule items being listed, and an automatic re-list feature for when the listing ends.

Plus, they have a few different store widgets that you can add to your other websites, blogs, and networking places.

I'm just loving this new store. If you'd like to see what is all about please CLICK HERE.

I hope you enjoy my new store. See you at

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Fan Box and Live Stream Widgets From Facebook For Pages has several new widgets that you can add to your websites and blogs that can be beneficial for small business crafters on the web who have set-up Facebook pages.

If you have set-up a small business page on (like my Linda Walsh Originals page) then one of the new widgets is a fan box widget. Basically, it can show pictures of all your page fans (like the picture shown above), show the wall stream from your page, or show both the pictures of your fans and the wall stream from your page (like the picture shown below).

I like the fan box widget and have added it to my main Linda Walsh Originals website, Linda's Blog, my Linda Walsh Originals shop, my Dolls Blog, my Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns website, my Victorian Traditions, The Victorian Era and Me blog, and my Linda Walsh Originals Dolls website.

I especially like the option that shows the pictures of my Linda Walsh Originals page fans (like the picture at the top of this page). That's great and can be beneficial to small business crafters as it's a way for us all to link together and get us all noticed. Think of it as a small linking exchange module instead of page after page of traditional banner exchanges. And, if you post a lot of things to your page's wall or have a fairly active wall of fan comments then you might want to display the fan box widget that contains fan pictures and your page's wall stream. also has a Live Stream widget which basically allows for a porthole for anyone with a website or blog to add the widget which then allows users to sign-in to their profile and post to their stream or to the live feed stream.

So, for example, if I was visiting a website or blog that had the widget installed and wanted to check my Facebook stream while I was there I'd select the friends tab and my Facebook stream would be displayed as shown below. Please note my friends comments would be shown on the widget. I have blocked them in my post for privacy purposes.

However, this widget also has the capability to display a live feed for an event and is like the widget pictured below. If you want to either make a comment to your Facebook wall or participate and make a comment for everyone watching then this widget will connect Linda Walsh Originals with Facebook and allow you to sign-on under your username so that you can interact with your friends on this site and to share this event on Facebook through your Wall and friends' news feeds. The bottom of the widget has a text link that you can click to visit the Linda Walsh Originals page on Facebook.

This widget has a little box that says "share with everyone watching this event" that you can check. Then when you add a comment to the update box of the widget your comment will appear on your Facebook stream and also on the stream that is shown under the "Everyone Watching" tab like in the picture shown below. Please note the comments would be shown on the widget. I have blocked them in my post for privacy purposes.

So, everyone at the event who is a Facebook user can add their comments in a continuous feed whenever they visit the website or blog that has the widget embedded on it. So, if you have embedded the widget on your website or blog and have an event going on at your website or blog then all of your visitors with Facebook accounts can comment on the event and their comments will be posted to the "everyone watching" tab.

Please note that when you sign-on your Facebook privacy options will be in effect for the friends tab. However, Facebook's privacy statement indicates that if you check the share with everyone watching this event box then this may or may not change some of your privacy settings on So, you may need to re-check your privacy settings after participating in an event and posting a comment for everyone watching.

The above widgets are new and are only available for pages and not for profiles.