Thursday, June 25, 2009

What Are E-Tutorials and E-Pictorials?

E-Books? E-Tutorials? E-Pictorials? What exactly is the difference?

Well, sometimes the line can be blurred. Something can be both an e-book and e-tutorial and something can be both an e-book and an e-pictorial. Something can also be both an e-pictorial and a video. Something can also be an e-tutorial, e-pictorial, and an e-class all in one. The lines are blurred and it can be confusing.

You see, each can explain exactly how to do something step by step and may or may not include pictures. Each contains a method of learning something from either reading text and following a specific series of steps or reading and/or viewing pictures showing what to do within each step. A tutorial may or may not contain interactivity with the designer after each step or as you progress through several steps.

An e-book may include text and pictures or no pictures at all. An e-tutorial usually includes text and pictures laid out step-by-step. An e-pictorial is a step-by-step instruction all in pictures and might be in a .PDF format or be in a slideshow presentation either on a picture hosting website or video hosting website. Or, it may be on an e-class website whereby it may or may not contain interactivity with the designer. All are digitally encoded then transmitted electronically over the Internet in various types of formats.

If you'd like to see the difference between a non-interactive e-tutorial and an e-pictorial then please visit two posts from my "The Best FREE Craft Articles" blog:

CLICK HERE for the FREE Stitching Folder Tutorial by Linda Ronne of All Stitched Up Blog. Linda's e-tutorial is copyrighted © 2008 - All Rights Reserved — Written By Linda Ronne of All Stitched Up Blog.

For the e-pictorial please CLICK HERE for the post containing links to 3 wonderful e-pictorials from Julia Sprague of Stoneview blog. Just click on the e-pictorial link to see Julia's Flickr e-pictorial. All Julia's Le-pictorials are Copyright © 2008 - All Rights Reserved - Julia Sprague of Stoneview blog.

There are several ways for you to electronically get non-interactive e-tutorials and e-pictorials that you purchase.

For e-tutorials that you purchase you can either order an e-tutorial or e-pictorial that is sent to you as an email attachment or you can "instantly download" an e-tutorial or e-pictorial yourself.

If you order an emailed E-tutorial or e-pictorial then an Email with a .PDF (Portable Document Format) attachment is sent to you which you then need to download to your computer, save, and then open in Adobe Acrobat.

If you "instantly download" a single e-tutorial or e-pictorial then generally the .PDF file is instantly transmitted to you after payment has been made. You can then download, save the .PDF file to your computer, and then open it in Adobe Acrobat.

Or, if you "instantly download" several e-tutorials and/or e-pictorials via a website that uses a shopping cart (like mine) then a confirmation email with multiple download links is emailed to you once payment has been made. You can then download each of the .PDF files, save them to your computer, and then open them in Adobe Acrobat.

For some non-interactive e-tutorials or e-pictorials you are sent a DVD or CD containing the .PDF e-tutorial or e-pictorial slideshow file. You then open it on your computer using software that will open the type of file format you have purchased.

For some interactive e-tutorials and e-pictorials that you purchase once payment is made you are emailed a link to a password protected website where you can view the e-tutorial or e-pictorial that you purchased and interact with the designer. This is also true of e-classes.

For some of the free e-tutorials or e-pictorials you can obtain them the same way or click on a link in a website and/or blog and it either opens up a new window containing the .PDF file or it opens the .PDF file directly and it becomes visible on your computer.

Some of the free e-pictorials are contained within slidehows on some of the various picture hosting websites (like or contained in a slideshow video on some of the video hosting websites. For an example of the e-pictorial on please click on the links above for Julia Sprague's e-pictorials on For an example of a free e-pictorial slideshow video please CLICK HERE. It is The MAKING of a QUILT by Sandi Best 2009 on

Some free e-tutorial and e-pictorial designers utilize free downloading websites where you click on the download link to download the .PDF file to your computer.

Other artists and crafters who offer free e-tutorials or e-pictorials post the entire e-tutorial or e-pictorial in their respective blogs or websites in which case you just visit the website or blog post for the e-tutorial or e-pictorial you're interested in.

My The Best FREE Craft Articles blog contains e-tutorials and e-pictorials written by artists and crafters. I have hundreds of free e-tutorials and/or e-pictorials that are either posted in their entirety or posted on my The Best FREE Craft Articles blog with links to the particular free e-tutorial or e-pictorial on the authors website and/or blog. If you're interested in some of the free e-tutorials or e-pictorials posted on my The Best Free Craft Articles blog just CLICK HERE and then scroll down for the e-tutorial or e-pictorial you are interested in.

For the e-tutorial and e-pictorials on the Everything E-Directory please CLICK HERE.

To view and print a .PDF E-tutorial or e-pictorial you need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher. If you don’t have it the Adobe Acrobat Reader don't worry. It’s a FREE download from Adobe. Just go to The current version is Adobe Reader 9.1.

If you already have the Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher then all you need to do is download the .PDF file attachment from your Email, save it, and then open it to view it. It will open in the Adobe Acrobat Reader program. You can then re-save it, view it or print it from Adobe Acrobat Reader.

I just love e-tutorials and e-pictorials as I much prefer learning how to make something by following the pictures versus reading the text. There are just so many wonderful e-tutorials and e-pictorials out there on just about every subject that it's almost impossible for you not to learn how to do whatever it is that strikes your fancy.

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