Monday, June 22, 2009

What Are E-Articles, E-Projects, and E-How-To's?

Have you noticed there seem to be writers everywhere you look on the Internet now? Whether they are bloggers updating their blogs, small business owners writing content for their websites, or writers submitting FREE articles or e-articles - there is no shortage of blogs or FREE article content websites.

There are articles that explain how to do this or that and come in all different kinds of formats. Some are articles contained within a webpage, some are e-articles which can be downloaded, some are e-projects and e-how-to's that explain step by step how to do something. It seems like more and more people are writing, especially artists and crafters, and I think that's FABULOUS. It's like a ground roots swelling of FREE information and articles.

If you like to read like I do then with the amount of blog posts and FREE written articles and e-articles out there you can be reading 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days of the year and still not read it all.

Now you don't have to be a professional writer to be a published on the Internet. During the past year I have noticed not only a proliferation of free e-project content and how-to content on a lot of small business artist and crafters websites, but a a proliferation of FREE article content websites springing up for posting FREE articles written by just about anyone. The only criteria for the latter seems to be that the article must be an original copyrighted article written by the article submitter.

The various FREE writing article content websites allow you to post FREE original articles you have written and allow webmasters and bloggers to utilize the FREE articles contained on their website for their own blogs or websites according to specific terms and conditions that they lay forth. Terms and conditions for usage vary website to website so if you want to use any of the content be sure to read the terms and conditions for usage. This is fabulous for small business website and blog owners that want to utilize free article content to drive some traffic to their websites and/or blogs but do not want to write the content themselves.

The subjects are vast and varied and cover just about anything you can think of. I especially like the FREE articles about "crafts and crafting" written by crafters around the world. I'm thrilled that more and more crafters are sharing their crafting knowledge and skills with everyone so anyone worldwide can benefit from their skill. I also love the FREE articles on sewing, floral design, hobbies, and "genealogy" issues.

For a lot of the free articles websites you click on a link and it takes you to a page where the free article is and it is then displayed on your computer screen. For other websites the free article might be contained within a .PDF file in which case it's called an e-article.

The e-articles might be accessible in one of two ways. The first is similar to e-patterns where you click on the link for the e-article and download the .PDF file to your computer - where you can save it and then open it in Adobe Reader.

Or, the link will open the .PDF file directly using Adobe Reader. In order for the link to open the .PDF file directly the file itself would have to be contained and stored on the web - in which case it would have it's own URL and the link would be to that particular URL.

I have even seen e-articles that are contained within Microsoft Word files - in which case you download the Word file to your computer and open it in Microsoft Word.

There are also a TON of free crafting articles, e-projects, and how-to's websites that utilize all sorts of free articles and e-articles. Links to some of these websites can be found on the E-Projects and How-To's page of my Everything E-Directory website.

I also wrote an article about the free E-Projects and How-To's websites on my The Best Free Craft Articles blog. Just CLICK HERE for my post.

If you're a small business crafter on the web writing FREE articles is a terrific way to get FREE exposure for your website or blog. Most of the FREE article content websites allow you to include a copyright and bio paragraphs with clickable links back to your website or blog on the bottom of your article.

I also written many FREE articles for myself and other websites. The FREE articles that I have written are on my The Best Free Craft Articles blog and can be used according to the terms and conditions contained within each of my posts. Just CLICK HERE for all my free articles.

In fact, my The Best FREE Craft Articles blog is nothing but free articles written by artists and crafters. I have over 500 FREE articles that are either posted in their entirety or posted on my The Best FREE Craft Articles blog with links to the particular free article on the authors website and/or blog and I'm always on the lookout for more. If you're interested in some of the free articles posted on my The Best Free Craft Articles blog just CLICK HERE and then scroll down for the article you are interested in.

I also put together a list of all the FREE writing articles websites that I was aware of. My list is contained within a post on my The Best Free Craft Articles blog. Just CLICK HERE for that post.

There are a few paid for article and e-article content websites and they would function similar to the way in which e-patterns are paid for and then downloaded. Please see my previous article on my Everything E For Crafts E-Directory blog for my post on "What Are E-Patterns?"

Whatever way the information is conveyed there is a TON of it out there. Whether it's a free article, e-article, Word document, e-project website, how-to website, etc. there's sure to be something on just about any subject you can imagine - which I think is fabulous. Especially if it's crafting information.

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