Sunday, April 26, 2009

YouTube Finally Got Me!

Well, I finally took the plunge and set up a LWOrig channel on and added two slideshow video's to it.

I'd been resisting doing this for quite some time. I'm not exactly sure what my rationale was, but maybe it had to do with the very nature of and the video's that were first placed there. Maybe I didn't see the small business and advertising potential for my online business at first.

Well, YouTube has become so mainstream that I decided I'd give it a try. Besides they didn't just have video's - you could also have slideshows, etc. And, in thinking about promoting all my websites and blogs I decided that video slideshows would be just the thing.

So, I created two of them without music to promote my Linda Walsh Originals business and my "faceless" doll creations. I decided not to add music as these were being used for my small business purposes not being created for personal use. I respect copyrights and didn't want to have a copyright or royalty issue by using music.

I created my video slideshows using Microsoft Movie Maker software (MSMovieMaker) and found that it was very easy to do. It actually took less time to create than it did to upload it to Uploading was time consuming due to the size of the video's, but very easy to do from the website.

In fact, it was so easy to do that I decided I should add more video's to my LWOrig YouTube Channel. If you'd like to visit my LWOrig YouTube Channel please CLICK HERE.

I don't know why I didn't create video's before as I can now see what a GREAT way they are to promote your business and what a wonderful small business tool they are. I have added either the video's or links to the video's on the sidebars of all my blogs and links to them on some of my websites.

 "Faceless Beauties By Linda Walsh Originals" and is shown below:

I hope you like the video.

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Jen said...

You did a great job....lot's of luck!

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