Saturday, April 25, 2009

Twitter Dee and Twitter Dumb!

If you are a reader of my Linda's Blog then you know I just LOVE to experiment with new websites, widgets, applications and gadgets for my blogs.

Well, for the past few weeks I have been learning the ins and outs of and all the applications that have been written to interface with it. One of the applications that I have been using for awhile is . I have had the Twitter widget on the side bars of all my blogs for awhile so that I could update my "Latest News From Linda" modules with one Twitter comment otherwise known as a Tweet.

With my new interface with my Linda Walsh wall I have found myself Tweeting more and more. Actually I have found myself spending way too much time on Twitter and Facebook, which is a story for another day.

If you are not familiar with I should tell you that it is a social networking service (i.e. Internet community) that allows you to post instant text-based messages (i.e. Tweets) up to 140 characters per post to the Twitter website and your profile page. It retains all your messages and lists them in a continuous stream under your profile page. The text-based messages are sent via Instant Message services, email, via RSS feeds, via any one of the various Twitter interface applications, or to your mobile phone to other users who have signed up to receive them and/or that are following you.

They also have many widgets now that you can add to your blogs or websites that can be customized as well. I used the basic Twitter widget so that it would add the module to the sidebars of my various blogs using the style of that particular blog. If you want to see what they look like just go to any one of my blogs and scroll down the sidebar until you see the module entitled "Latest News From Linda."

The Twitter widget lets me determine how many of my instant messages I want to display (right now I have 5) and provides a link to my profile page at

Besides the latest NEWS any time I use one of the Twitter applications that I have signed up for it will automatically update my LWOriginals Twitter stream, which also updates to my Linda Walsh wall. Now how cool is that? Better yet - how wonderful for saving me some time!

Besides spending too much time on Twitter and Facebook I have been trying to investigate all the various applications that have been written to interface with Twitter and/or Facebook or both. There seems to be hundreds if not thousands of them.

Some of the applications are organizer programs that you can download to your desktop to organize all your Internet communities into categories of your choosing. Their aim is to speed up the time you are spending on the more well known Internet communities you may belong to.

Others are directories whose aim is to make you more visible on Tweeter or groups that help you to network and connect with your friends or other individuals with similar interests.

I am hoping that one of these applications may help me as I know that I have been spending way too much time doing this. After I've investigated the different applications, directories, and groups I'll let you know what I think.

Of course, I'll also Tweet about it so if you're a friend of Linda Walsh on or are following LWOriginals on you'll already know.

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