Sunday, March 08, 2009

There's Plenty Of FREE Craft Articles and Projects Websites!

There's plenty of competition to our "The Best FREE Craft Articles" blog out there. Of course, I happen to think that our blog is the BEST. Then again, I'm a little prejudiced. Ya think!

So, given that I love to provide all the information that I can for my blog readers as to FREE craft articles, patterns, tutorials, printables, craft projects, etc. that are out there I thought I'd list some of the other free craft articles website that I'm aware of.

Since I like lots of pictures, especially for the tutorials, I only included those websites that contained both the text and the pictures.

Here's my list:

FREE Online Craft Articles and Projects Websites

The Best FREE Craft Articles Family Crafts
All Free Crafts
Associated Content - Craft Articles
Craft and Fabric Links
CraftBits - Articles
Craft Gossip
DIY - Baskets
DIY - Beading
DIY - Boxes
DIY - Candles
DIY - Children's Room Decor
DIY - Clay
DIY - Clothing
DIY - Dolls
DIY - Faux & Other Finishes
DIY - Flowers & Foliage
DIY - Furniture
DIY - Garden & Patio
DIY - Glass
DIY - History
DIY - Holidays
DIY - Jewelry & Accessories
DIY - Kids Crafts
DIY - Lamps & Shades
DIY - Linens & Fabrics
DIY - Memory Crafts
DIY - Metal
DIY - Natural & Homemade
DIY - Needle Arts
DIY - Organizing & Storage
DIY - Painting & Staining
DIY - Paper
DIY - Photo Projects
DIY - Quilting Techniques
DIY - Recycled Objects
DIY - Ribbons & Bows
DIY - Rubber Stamping
DIY - Scrapbooking
DIY - Special Days & Gifts
DIY - Stenciling
DIY - Storage
DIY - Tabletop Decor
DIY - Toys & Games
DIY - Walls & Floors
DIY - Wedding
DIY - Wirework
DIY - Wood & Leather - Crafts - Crafts Projects - Crafts
Ruby Glen - Crafts
The Best FREE Craft Articles

I hope you like my list. After browsing through some of the other websites I hope you come back and tell us that you think "The Best FREE Craft Articles" blog is the BEST!

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