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Do You Like Free Crafting Podcasts? If So, Check Out Our List!

In November of 2007 I wrote one of my "Tips From The Blogging Queen" columns about "Podcasting" which was gaining in popularity back then.

If you don't know what "podcasting" is it is a combination of the words IPod and broadcasting where you distribute audio and video material over the Internet using syndicated feeds like an RSS feed specifically for playback on portable digital players and personal computers.

My article concerned small businesses and whether or not they should jump on the podcasting wagon. If you'd like to read what I said please CLICK HERE. Most of it is still relevant even now.

There weren't a lot of crafting podcasts back in November 2007 so I thought I'd see if their numbers had improved since then. The good news is there are more of them now. The bad news is there aren't that many more of them. I would have expected there to be more.

So, I decided to update my list anyway, but to only include those crafting podcasts that were currently broadcasting.

I also decided to include my updated list of podcasts on the sidebar of my "The Best FREE Craft Articles Blog" so you can visit some of the ones that might interest you and listen in. Just scroll down the sidebar until you see the link for the podcasts.

Alex Anderson Quilt Connection
Annie's Quilting Stash
A Storied Life - Podcast by Sonia Brock
Boutique Cafe
Cast On - Knitting Podcasts
Changlings Knit and Stitch
Claudine Hellmuth Podcasts
CraftBorg - Podcasts
Craftcast - All Podcasts
Crafter Cast
CraftLit - Podcasts Library
Craft Mentality
Craftypod - Podcast Index Podcasts
Creative Mom
Grandma's Sewing Cabinet
Hello Craft
Knitting Matters - Cast On
Paperclipping - Crafts Podcasts
Purl Diving Episodes
Quilting Stash
ScrapHappy - Podcasts
SewingMama's Podcasts
Sew Forth Now....A Podcast
Stash and Burn

I'm hoping to update this list periodically so please check in from time to time to see who we've added.

I hope you like our list and would love to hear your comments on any of these podcasts.

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