Sunday, March 08, 2009

All The Online Crafting TV Shows and Video's You Could Ever Want!

I just love all that ways that free crafting content is available to everyone now. Whether it's free articles, patterns, tutorials, graphics, video's, crafting projects, printables, podcasts, or RSS feeds from blogs, newsletters, forums, groups, communities, and websites - there is a TON of crafting information out there.

It doesn't matter what your crafting interest is or how you like to receive your content. There's something for everyone.

If you like crafting blogs there's thousands upon thousands of them now. If you like crafting video's you can watch thousands upon thousands of them. If you like crafting project tutorials there are thousands upon thousands of websites and blogs filled with free crafting content for you to read. If you want crafting podcasts - well, there's plenty of them available, too. There's even online crafting TV shows that you can watch on your computer, laptop, smart phone, PDA and other mobile Internet devices .

Any and every crafting interest is covered in any and every medium. How great is that? Pretty great as far as I'm concerned.

But, the line here is also blurring. You might have a combination many different crafting mediums all contained within one website. They might have blogs, video's, podcasts, crafting TV shows, craft project tutorials, and groups you can participate in. They might only have TV content or they might be a blog with podcast and video content.

In any event I decided to create a list of some the online crafting TV shows and online crafting video's that I was aware of and include my lists on the sidebar of my "The Best FREE Craft Articles" blog, as well as updating them there from time to time.

Here's my two lists:

FREE Online Crafting TV Programs

DIY Network - Sock Monkeys
DIY Network - Knitty Gritty
DIY Network - Jewelry Making
DIY Network - Scrapbooking
DIY Network - B Original
DIY Network - Uncommon Threads
DIY Network - Creative Juice
DIY Network - Craft Lab - Start At Home - Crafts Tab - Scrapbooking Channel - Beading/Jewelry Channel - Kids Crafts - Cake Decorating - Family Video - TV & Vides - Crafts - Quilting Network

FREE Online Arts and Crafts Video's

Associated Content - Crafts Video's
Aussie Crafts
Craft: Videos/Podcasts
Cr8tive Living
CraftBits - DIY Craft Videos from around the Internet
FamilyFunTV - Videos - Crafts & Hobbies
Make: Videos
YouTube - Abstract Painting
YouTube - Acrylic Painting
YouTube - Altered Art
YouTube - Arts and Crafts
YouTube - Basket Weaving
YouTube - Beadwork
YoouTube - Birdhouse Making
YouTube - Calligraphy
YouTube - Cake Decorating
YouTube _ Candle Making
YouTube - Carving Wood
YouTube - Card Making
YouTube - Cloth Doll Making
YouTube - Crafts
YouTube - Crocheting
YouTube - Cross-Stitching
YouTube - Cupcake Crafst
YouTube - Curtain Making
YouTube - Decorative Painting
YouTube - Decoupage
YouTRube - Drawing
YouTube - Dyeing Yarn
YouTube - Dyeing Fabric
YouTube - Egg Art
YouTube - Embroidery
YouTube - Enameling
YouTube - Etching Glass
YouTube - Fiber Arts
YouTube - Floral Crafts
YouTube - Flower Arranging
YouTube - Folkart
YouTube - Gradening
YouTube - Glass Art
YouTube - Gourd Art
YouTube - Holiday Crafts
YouTube - Landscape Painting
YouTube - Mixed Media Art
YouTube - Machine Embellishing
YouTube - Machine Embroidery
YouTube - Mosaics
YouTube - Needle Felting
YouTube - Needlepoint Art
YouTube - Origami
YouTube - Paper Collage Art
YouTube - Papier Mache
YouTube - Picture Frame Making
YouTube - Polymer Clay
YouTube - Porcelain Doll Making
YouTube - Pottery
YouTube - Punch Needle
YouTube - Spinning Yarn
YouTube - Quilling
YouTube - Quilting
YouTube - Rag Doll Making
YouTube - Ribbon Flowers
YouTube - Rubber Stamping
YouTube - Rug Making
YouTube - Rug Hooking
YouTube - Scrapbooking
YouTube - Seasonal Crafts
YouTube - Sewing
YouTube - Silk Floral Arrangements
YouTube - Sketching
YouTube - Soap Making
YouTube - Stamping
YouTube - Stenciling
YouTube - Tatting
YouTube - Tole Painting
YouTube - Victorian Crafts
YouTube - Watercoloring
YouTube - Weaving Yarn
YouTube - Wedding Crafts
YouTube - Wreath Making

I hope you enjoy the TV shows and the video's that are on my list. There's a LOT to watch for sure. Enjoy the shows!

Copyright © 2009 - All Rights Reserved - Written By Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals and Linda's Blog. Linda is a doll maker and doll pattern designer.

Graphic Copyright © 2008 Denise Bailey of KKL Primitives.

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