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All The Online Crafting TV Shows and Video's You Could Ever Want!

I just love all that ways that free crafting content is available to everyone now. Whether it's free articles, patterns, tutorials, graphics, video's, crafting projects, printables, podcasts, or RSS feeds from blogs, newsletters, forums, groups, communities, and websites - there is a TON of crafting information out there.

It doesn't matter what your crafting interest is or how you like to receive your content. There's something for everyone.

If you like crafting blogs there's thousands upon thousands of them now. If you like crafting video's you can watch thousands upon thousands of them. If you like crafting project tutorials there are thousands upon thousands of websites and blogs filled with free crafting content for you to read. If you want crafting podcasts - well, there's plenty of them available, too. There's even online crafting TV shows that you can watch on your computer, laptop, smart phone, PDA and other mobile Internet devices .

Any and every crafting interest is covered in any and every medium. How great is that? Pretty great as far as I'm concerned.

But, the line here is also blurring. You might have a combination many different crafting mediums all contained within one website. They might have blogs, video's, podcasts, crafting TV shows, craft project tutorials, and groups you can participate in. They might only have TV content or they might be a blog with podcast and video content.

In any event I decided to create a list of some the online crafting TV shows and online crafting video's that I was aware of and include my lists on the sidebar of my "The Best FREE Craft Articles" blog, as well as updating them there from time to time.

Here's my two lists:

FREE Online Crafting TV Programs

DIY Network - Sock Monkeys
DIY Network - Knitty Gritty
DIY Network - Jewelry Making
DIY Network - Scrapbooking
DIY Network - B Original
DIY Network - Uncommon Threads
DIY Network - Creative Juice
DIY Network - Craft Lab - Start At Home - Crafts Tab - Scrapbooking Channel - Beading/Jewelry Channel - Kids Crafts - Cake Decorating - Family Video - TV & Vides - Crafts - Quilting Network

FREE Online Arts and Crafts Video's

Associated Content - Crafts Video's
Aussie Crafts
Craft: Videos/Podcasts
Cr8tive Living
CraftBits - DIY Craft Videos from around the Internet
FamilyFunTV - Videos - Crafts & Hobbies
Make: Videos
YouTube - Abstract Painting
YouTube - Acrylic Painting
YouTube - Altered Art
YouTube - Arts and Crafts
YouTube - Basket Weaving
YouTube - Beadwork
YoouTube - Birdhouse Making
YouTube - Calligraphy
YouTube - Cake Decorating
YouTube _ Candle Making
YouTube - Carving Wood
YouTube - Card Making
YouTube - Cloth Doll Making
YouTube - Crafts
YouTube - Crocheting
YouTube - Cross-Stitching
YouTube - Cupcake Crafst
YouTube - Curtain Making
YouTube - Decorative Painting
YouTube - Decoupage
YouTRube - Drawing
YouTube - Dyeing Yarn
YouTube - Dyeing Fabric
YouTube - Egg Art
YouTube - Embroidery
YouTube - Enameling
YouTube - Etching Glass
YouTube - Fiber Arts
YouTube - Floral Crafts
YouTube - Flower Arranging
YouTube - Folkart
YouTube - Gradening
YouTube - Glass Art
YouTube - Gourd Art
YouTube - Holiday Crafts
YouTube - Landscape Painting
YouTube - Mixed Media Art
YouTube - Machine Embellishing
YouTube - Machine Embroidery
YouTube - Mosaics
YouTube - Needle Felting
YouTube - Needlepoint Art
YouTube - Origami
YouTube - Paper Collage Art
YouTube - Papier Mache
YouTube - Picture Frame Making
YouTube - Polymer Clay
YouTube - Porcelain Doll Making
YouTube - Pottery
YouTube - Punch Needle
YouTube - Spinning Yarn
YouTube - Quilling
YouTube - Quilting
YouTube - Rag Doll Making
YouTube - Ribbon Flowers
YouTube - Rubber Stamping
YouTube - Rug Making
YouTube - Rug Hooking
YouTube - Scrapbooking
YouTube - Seasonal Crafts
YouTube - Sewing
YouTube - Silk Floral Arrangements
YouTube - Sketching
YouTube - Soap Making
YouTube - Stamping
YouTube - Stenciling
YouTube - Tatting
YouTube - Tole Painting
YouTube - Victorian Crafts
YouTube - Watercoloring
YouTube - Weaving Yarn
YouTube - Wedding Crafts
YouTube - Wreath Making

I hope you enjoy the TV shows and the video's that are on my list. There's a LOT to watch for sure. Enjoy the shows!

Copyright © 2009 - All Rights Reserved - Written By Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals and Linda's Blog. Linda is a doll maker and doll pattern designer.

Graphic Copyright © 2008 Denise Bailey of KKL Primitives.

There's Plenty Of FREE Craft Articles and Projects Websites!

There's plenty of competition to our "The Best FREE Craft Articles" blog out there. Of course, I happen to think that our blog is the BEST. Then again, I'm a little prejudiced. Ya think!

So, given that I love to provide all the information that I can for my blog readers as to FREE craft articles, patterns, tutorials, printables, craft projects, etc. that are out there I thought I'd list some of the other free craft articles website that I'm aware of.

Since I like lots of pictures, especially for the tutorials, I only included those websites that contained both the text and the pictures.

Here's my list:

FREE Online Craft Articles and Projects Websites

The Best FREE Craft Articles Family Crafts
All Free Crafts
Associated Content - Craft Articles
Craft and Fabric Links
CraftBits - Articles
Craft Gossip
DIY - Baskets
DIY - Beading
DIY - Boxes
DIY - Candles
DIY - Children's Room Decor
DIY - Clay
DIY - Clothing
DIY - Dolls
DIY - Faux & Other Finishes
DIY - Flowers & Foliage
DIY - Furniture
DIY - Garden & Patio
DIY - Glass
DIY - History
DIY - Holidays
DIY - Jewelry & Accessories
DIY - Kids Crafts
DIY - Lamps & Shades
DIY - Linens & Fabrics
DIY - Memory Crafts
DIY - Metal
DIY - Natural & Homemade
DIY - Needle Arts
DIY - Organizing & Storage
DIY - Painting & Staining
DIY - Paper
DIY - Photo Projects
DIY - Quilting Techniques
DIY - Recycled Objects
DIY - Ribbons & Bows
DIY - Rubber Stamping
DIY - Scrapbooking
DIY - Special Days & Gifts
DIY - Stenciling
DIY - Storage
DIY - Tabletop Decor
DIY - Toys & Games
DIY - Walls & Floors
DIY - Wedding
DIY - Wirework
DIY - Wood & Leather - Crafts - Crafts Projects - Crafts
Ruby Glen - Crafts
The Best FREE Craft Articles

I hope you like my list. After browsing through some of the other websites I hope you come back and tell us that you think "The Best FREE Craft Articles" blog is the BEST!

Copyright © 2009 - All Rights Reserved - Written By Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals and Linda's Blog. Linda is a doll maker and doll pattern designer.

Do You Like Free Crafting Podcasts? If So, Check Out Our List!

In November of 2007 I wrote one of my "Tips From The Blogging Queen" columns about "Podcasting" which was gaining in popularity back then.

If you don't know what "podcasting" is it is a combination of the words IPod and broadcasting where you distribute audio and video material over the Internet using syndicated feeds like an RSS feed specifically for playback on portable digital players and personal computers.

My article concerned small businesses and whether or not they should jump on the podcasting wagon. If you'd like to read what I said please CLICK HERE. Most of it is still relevant even now.

There weren't a lot of crafting podcasts back in November 2007 so I thought I'd see if their numbers had improved since then. The good news is there are more of them now. The bad news is there aren't that many more of them. I would have expected there to be more.

So, I decided to update my list anyway, but to only include those crafting podcasts that were currently broadcasting.

I also decided to include my updated list of podcasts on the sidebar of my "The Best FREE Craft Articles Blog" so you can visit some of the ones that might interest you and listen in. Just scroll down the sidebar until you see the link for the podcasts.

Alex Anderson Quilt Connection
Annie's Quilting Stash
A Storied Life - Podcast by Sonia Brock
Boutique Cafe
Cast On - Knitting Podcasts
Changlings Knit and Stitch
Claudine Hellmuth Podcasts
CraftBorg - Podcasts
Craftcast - All Podcasts
Crafter Cast
CraftLit - Podcasts Library
Craft Mentality
Craftypod - Podcast Index Podcasts
Creative Mom
Grandma's Sewing Cabinet
Hello Craft
Knitting Matters - Cast On
Paperclipping - Crafts Podcasts
Purl Diving Episodes
Quilting Stash
ScrapHappy - Podcasts
SewingMama's Podcasts
Sew Forth Now....A Podcast
Stash and Burn

I'm hoping to update this list periodically so please check in from time to time to see who we've added.

I hope you like our list and would love to hear your comments on any of these podcasts.

Copyright © 2009 - All Rights Reserved - Written By Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals and Linda's Blog. Linda is a doll maker and doll pattern designer.

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Saturday, March 07, 2009

So Many FREE Crafter's Forums, Groups, and Online Communities

As you probably know I'm a crafter and therefore a little biased when it comes to the crafting community on the web. But, I have to say that the arts and craft community on the web is still THE BEST!

The arts and craft community on the Internet is so vibrant, so cheerful, so thoughtful, and filled with so many talented artists and crafters from hundreds of different venues. And, best of all - everyone is always so willing to help everyone else out and share their creations, things they learned, tips and how-to's, etc. We are an arts and craft community united in helping each other. That's something we should all be very proud of. As I like to say, "What helps one artists and crafter helps all of us!"

So, how do you join this fantastic community? Well, you join one or several of the hundreds of arts and craft forums, groups, or online communities that are out there and there are a lot of them.

In fact, the line is also blurring between the various kinds of arts and crafts forums, groups, communities and websites and/or blogs. Some of the communities include individual members pages, blogs, discussions areas, photo albums, video's, etc. There's a HUGE variety now amongst the different communities and hundreds upon hundreds of different ones to choose from. There's a forum, group, or community for every one's arts & craft talent and/or interest.

Since there are so many of them I thought I'd include a list of FREE ones that I am aware of on the sidebar of my "The Best FREE Craft Articles Blog" so you can visit some of the ones that might interest you and, possibly, join some.

The listing of a forum, group, or online communities on my "The Best FREE Craft Articles Blog" or in this post does not imply endorsement of the forum, crafter's websites, crafter's businesses, crafter's products, links or integrity of the web pages to which the forum, group, or community leads. If you encounter post or links on any of the forums, groups, or online communities that is objectionable and not family-friendly please notify me as soon as possible so that we can remove them from this page and from our list.

Here's my list of FREE Crafter's Forums, Groups, and Crafter's Online Communities:

52 Sketches...52 Weeks Family Crafts Forum Quilting Forum Sewing Forum
ABPag3 Forums Community Forum
Altered Diva Online Workshop
American Craft Guide Community
A Passion for Primitives - Delphi Forums
APQS Forum
A Primitive Journey Community
Art Critique Gallery & Forums
Art Fair Insiders
A Stitch Club
A Vintage Bride
Beaders Showcase
Bella Online
BFC Creations
BlogHer ForumBlack Crafters Guild
Burda Style
Candlemakers Corner
Candle Makers Group
Circle of Crafters
Cloth Doll Artistry
Cloth Doll Connection Forum
Cloth Doll Maker's Forum - MSN Group
Cloth Doll Making - Yahoo Group
Cloth Doll Classroom
Color Combos Galore
Cottage Comforts - Delphi Forums
Country Lane Peddler
Craft Buddy
Craft Class
Craft Crowd
Crafted Online
Craft Gossip
Crafting In Style
Craft Recipes
Craftsie Forum
Craftzine Forum
Crafts Fair Online Bulletin Boards
Cranapple Christmas Forum
Create A Prim's Community
Creative Adventures With Vintage Niki
Creative Butterfly
Creative Cloth Dolls
Creative Considerations
Creative Souls
Creative Workshops
Crochet List Forum - Delphi Forum
CT Sewing
Delphi Forums
DIY City Community
DJDoodle Junction Craft Community Forum
Doll Ad Central
Dolls and Bears Collectors Society
eBay - Art & Artists Groups
eBay - Crafts Groups
Embellisher Netwrok
Etsy Artists of Color
Etsy Bloggers Street Team
Etsy Cottage Style
Etsy For Charity
Etsy Texas Crafters
Everything Sewing - Groups
Fashion-Era Forum
Fashion Dolls & Other Small Crafts
Felting Forum
Fiber Arts/Mixed Media
Fiber Focus
Flickr - Groups
Folkart Fans
FreeCraft Unlimited
Friendly Sewing - Delphi Forum
Friends Of Cloth Dolls
GardenWeb Forums
Glitter Town Dolly's - Yahoo Group
Goddess Dolls
Gone Beadin'
Google Groups
Gothic Arches
GWHitty Group
Handmade World
Hands - On Heaven
Heirlom Sewing and Smocking - Delphi Forum
Hitty Group
How To Sew
Inspired Blueprints
INTO Ceramics
Jewelry Designer Network
Kitchen Gardeners
Kitty Kitty
Knitting Community
Leahpeah's Trade A Craft
Let's Make Art
Made It Myself On Ning
Make Mine Pink Forum
Milliande Creativity Club
Mixed Media Arts
Mixed Media With Suzi Blu
Modern Cloth Doll Making
Moms Like Me
Moms Network Forum
MQ Resourse - Machine Quilter's
My Art Buddies
My Embroidery Mentor
My Scrap Space
My Quilt Patch
Nancyes Art Dolls
Needle Felting Fun - Yahoo Forum
Neutral Ground
Ning Communities
No White Tent Affordable Art/Craft Shows
OOAK Art Dolls
Painting With Paulette
Paper Craft Planet
Paper Digital Art and Images by Kim Forum
Paper Doll Exchange
Paper Therapy
Polymer Clay Productions
Primitive & Rustic Crafts and Decorations
Primitive Kountry
Prim Mart Community Forum
Quilter's World
Quilting Board
Quilting Friends
Quilting - Where Imaginations Grow
Quilts Your Way
Reborn Doll Artists Circle
Reborn Help
Renee's Garden Community
Right At Home Scrapbooking
Rug Hooking Daily Forum
Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine
Scrapbooking To Learn
Scrap Garden
Sea Glass Artists & Sea Glass Collectors
Sea Glass Lovers
Serendipity Scrapbooks Forum Sewing and Dressmaking online Community
Sewing Forum
Sewing Information Exchange Bulletin Board Forum
Shabby Rose Chic
She-essence Forum
Siggy Piggy
Silk Painting Network
Sisters At Heart
Small Business Ideas Forum
Small Town Living
Snickerdoodle Dreams
Stitchers Haven
Stitchin Fingers
Sweet'n Sassy Stampers
The Antique Sewing Basket
The Artful Paper Doll
The Buried Treasury Network
The Boxx
The Distinctive Fabric Network
The Ephemera Network
The Fairy Society Artist Community Network
The Guild Of Master Bearcrafters
The Indie Inspire Company
The Jewelry Artists Network
The Mom Pack Forum
The Natural Surface
The Parlor - An Old Fashioned Living Community
The Quilt & Needle
The Sewing Wenches Forum - Yahoo Group
The Vintage Village
The Welcome Mat
UK Crafts Forum
UK Handmade
Vintage Cloth Doll Making
Vintage Life Network
Vintage Pulse
WAHM Message Boards
Weekend Workshops
We Love Art Fire
We Love Etsy
Wild Art Dolls
Willowing's Wonderful World of Whimsy
Working With Felt
Yahoo Groups
Your Handmade

I hope you find a forum, group, or online community for whatever arts & crafts interest you may have. Maybe I'll be a member there, too.

Posted by Linda Walsh Originals - "Doll Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"

Graphic Copyright © 2008 Denise Bailey of KKL Primitives.

Friday, March 06, 2009

All Those FREE Online Newsletters, Magazines, E-Zines, and Traditional Paid Magazines With Free Crafts Content Driven Websites

I had decided that I should update my section on FREE online newsletters, online magazines, and e-zines as I hadn't done so in awhile.

While updating my list I noticed that the line is blurring between all the different online crafts magazines, newsletters, e-zines, and websites. Some are newsletters that are either sent via email or in online format, some are in a .pdf downloadable format, some are in an online readable page by page format, some are posted in blogs, some offer RSS feeds, and some offer FREE articles/patterns/how-to's/tutorials/crafts content along with links to their traditional paid subscription magazines***.

While some of the latter are trying to sell you a paid subscription for their print magazine they do offer quite a bit of FREE crafts content on their websites, newsletters and/or blogs so I thought it was worthwhile to include them. This would include free patterns, free projects, how-to's, tips, free articles, etc. I marked all of those with ***'s so you would know ahead of time who they were. If the paid subscription magazine website didn't include enough free crafts content then I did not include it at all.

Instead of creating separate categories for all the different types of newsletters, magazines, e-zines, and traditional magazines with free crafts content websites I decided to put everything together under one heading.

FREE Online Newsletters, Magazines, E-Zines, and Traditional Paid Magazines With Free Crafts Content Driven Websites***
All Free Crafts - Newsletter - Newsletter
American Artist***
Art Jewelry***
Apogg Photo - The Internet's Photography Magazine
Bead & Button***
Bead Style***
Beneath the Willow Tree
Better Homes & Gardens - Crafts***
Card Maker***
Celebrating Christmas******
Country Sampler Magazine***
Craftbits Newsletter
Crafts Beautiful***
Crafts Creations***
CQ For Crazy Quilters by Crazy Quilters
Crafts N Things***
Crafty Talk Magazine Craft: Blog***
Crafty Visions Newsletters
Create & Decorate - Free Online Projects******
Creative Knitting***
Creative Machine Embroidery***
Creative Times
Crochet Me
Crochet World***
Designs in Machine Embroidery - Freebees***
DIY Network - Crafts
Doll Reader***
Dolls*** News***
Fibre & Stitch***
Inspire - Online Craft & Decorating Magazine
Inspire - Creative Textile & Quilting Arts
Kaboose - Newsletter
Kids Craft Newsletter Blog
Kids Craft Weekly
Kitchen, Crafts & More
Knit N Style***
Learn Crafts Online
Knitty - Little purls Of Wisdom Make: Blog***
Making Cards***
Martha Stewart - Crafts***
Memory Makers - Scrapbooking***
Mulberry Creek Mercantile
Needlework Tips & Techniques
Nuts About Needlepoint*** E-Zine
Primitive Times Magazine E-Zine
Quick & Easy Painting - Free Online Projects***
Quilters World******
Ruby Glen
Rug Hooking***
Rusty Tin Roof
Scrapbooks Etc.*** Magazine
Scrap N' Art***
Sew Beautiful***
Simple Sewing Projects
The Artful Crafter
The Crafts Report***
The DotCom Women
The Olde Prairie Register
Threads - Explore***
Twist Collective
Victoriana Magazine
Vintage Image Crafts
Woodcarving Illustrated***
Woodcraft Magazine***
Woodworker's Journal***
Woman's Day - Crafts***

I'm hoping to update this periodically so please check in from time to time to see who we've added.

I hope you like our list and would love to hear your comments on any of these newsletters, magazines, or e-zines.

Posted by Linda Walsh Originals - "Doll Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"

Graphic Copyright © 2008 Denise Bailey of KKL Primitives.