Thursday, September 18, 2008

What's Your Internet Morning Routine?

I get a lot of comments about "How can you handle so many websites and blogs? You must be extremely organized!"

Well, I do have to admit that I am organized and do something everyday that helps. It's my daily morning routine.

I know we all have routines for things we do every day. Without them it's hard to be organized. Especially if you have multiple numbers of websites and blogs - which I do!

To keep up with everything I have a morning routine where I check what's been going on with my Internet business overnight. I start with my emails and try to answer all of them in the morning or do whatever might be requested of me in the email.

Then, I check my plugboards to make sure there aren't any RED X's. I hate Red X's and think they are bad for business. So, if I have a red X on my permanent plugboards or changing plugboards they get deleted.

I do the same for the banners on my Top Blogs By Crafters topsite except instead of deleting the blog I make the banner inactive. If the blog is no longer available then I delete the account, but if it still is available then I assume that the blog owner just changed the URL of their banner and didn't update their account.

After this I check all my business accounts to see the overnight activity and handle whatever it is I need to do there. If there is any activity that requires posting to my small business accounting system then I try to do that as well. Sometimes this activity tends to pile up. This is my least favorite activity and sometimes gets postponed until the pile gets so large I can't ignore it.

Then I check my various community pages to see if there is anything I need to respond to there. After that I check some of the forums I belong to to see what's been going on overnight.

After doing this I go to my Google Reader to read all the posts of the blogs I am tracking. Google Reader is a time saving tool that I couldn't function without and I highly recommend it to anyone who follows different blogs.

And, last I post to my blogs. This is where stockpiling blog posts can be very beneficial as all you have to do is just post the article you'd written ahead of time.

I also try to write a few blog posts daily if I'm in a "blogging mood." If not then I wait until I'm really in a "blogging" mood and write multiple posts at the same time and hold them for releasing at a later date.

Every few days I back-up all my files, folders, websites, and blogs to my external hard drive. And, just recently I started utilizing an online folder at, which I absolutely love because it makes me "mobile!" There will be more about this in a later post.

After all this I'm done with my morning routine and I'm free to work on my new creations, research places I might want to advertise with, review some crafting books for my "The Book Review Corner" blog, or do some research for some posts I might want to write about on my blogs.

It really doesn't take that long to maintain a daily routine for your small business and definitely helps to keep me organized.

So, what's your daily routine?

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