Thursday, June 12, 2008

Have You Tried Google Alerts Yet?

Last year a blogging friend of mine, Arlee Barr of Albedo Design emailed me and told me someone was not only plagiarizing the blog post I had written about her, but linking some keywords to some "non-family friendly" websites. YIKES!

Well, I had no idea and was taken aback by this. Arlee told me that she found out from her "Google Alerts." I was not aware of "Google Alerts" and asked her what it was.

"Google Alerts"
allow you to track posts with words or phrases that you specify and then email updates to you. So, for example if I want to track everything that is written about "Linda Walsh Originals" I just add that to my "Google Alerts" account and every time someone mentions Linda Walsh Originals on the internet I get an email about it with a link to the website so I can check it out. COOL! HUH!

You can use "Google Alerts" for all sorts of tracking, but I use it specifically for my Linda Walsh Originals business. I track all the names of my blogs, all the names of my websites, my Linda Walsh Name, and key phrases that identify my business.

I've been using it for over a year now and have to tell you that I find it invaluable. If you want to learn more about "Google Alerts" just CLICK HERE.


Annabelle said...

I have to admit I don't always understand all this internet "stuff,", but I LOVE blog tools and it sounds like Google Alerts might be right up my alley.

Thanks for letting us know your opinion on Google Alerts.

Keiki Gift Ideas said...

I usually check my Google Alert daily to find other sites that interest me. I also love Google Base.

Genevieve said...

Also, if you have an automatic signature that goes on the end of your blog feed (such as your copyright statement, your blog name, or the URL of your blog) you can set a Google alert for that. That's how I have caught several people who had a blog set to automatically re-post my blog feed.

You can insert a signature in Blogger --> Settings -> Site Feed.

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