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Tips From The Blogging Queen - Column 16 - Should You Become A Vlogger?

Last month in my TFTBQ Column 15 our definition was "vlog" which is nothing more than a video blog and a "vlogger" is simply the blogger who maintains it. Our question was - "Should You Become a Vlogger?"

That is a good question and like other things within the blog world not easily answered. You see, "vlogging" just like "blogging" started out as a simple thing and morphed into unbelievable proportions. Think "YouTube" and you know where I'm going with this.

"Vlog" is a combination of video and blog. Entries are posted in reverse chronological order and may combine video and text, images, or other data. In the blogosphere "vloggers" and their blogs are referred to as the "vlogosphere."

Vlogs started out as simple videos posted hourly, daily, etc. to a blog and were pretty much video diaries of a person's life, chronicle of an event, etc. When computer processing speed improved and internet connection speeds increased vlogging became achievable for the masses.

Videos have become so immensely popular that just about everyone is creating them and a whole slew of websites to support video content have been created. YouTube is the behemoth of the video craze and to show you the importance of this phenomenon Google paid 1.65 billion in stock to purchase it in 2006.

And, of course with increased popularity comes awards. The 1st ever "Vloggies" video awards was held in November 2006. Think academy awards of videos.

Anyone with access to a video camera and a high-speed connection can create a vlog and publish it the same way text articles are published to a blog. The content is distributed via RSS feeds. Video content distributed this way is known as a vodcast or vidcast.

And, with the advent of technology in 2007 live interview vlogs and live transmission became possible.

So, for a small business owner the question is "Should You Become a Vlogger?" Well, that is not a simple question to answer for a small business owner. It really depends on what you are selling and whether or not videos would enhance your small business blog. It also depends on how creative you are.

Just like writing articles for a small business blog, creating videos requires creative skill, thought, and, most importantly, organization. You can't just throw a video out there - not if you're a small business owner. You need to think about what your video is going to convey to your readers and/or customers. Does it compliment your products and your business? Or, is it a detriment?

If it doesn't enhance your business image, convey to your readers and/or customers who you are and what your product is, or generate future sales for you then you shouldn't be vlogging. You might create a video that generates a tremendous amount of traffic to your website, but if that doesn't translate into sales for you then you might not have the right video.

So, should you become a vlogger? Well, that depends on what you're selling, how much time you have to devote to your videos, and how creative you are.

"Tips From the Blogging Queen" Column 16 Definition - "Blistless or B-listless"
This is what happens when a blogger doesn't care about posting and becomes apathetic about it. In other words - listless. Also know as "blogathy" which is characterized by lack of interest in your blog.

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