Friday, February 15, 2008

Tips From The Blogging Queen - Column 15 - A Blog Is Not Your Grandfather's Newsletter

I thought I'd take a little break from my usual "Tips From the Blogging Queen Column" format and use a little different format for Column #15.

My column this month is entitled: "A Blog Is Not Your Grandfather's Newsletter!" Now I know you might all be wondering what I mean by that. Well, let me explain.

From a marketing point of view weekly, semi-weekly, and monthly newsletters have traditionally been considered a good idea for small businesses on the Internet as you are directing your sales efforts towards a "targeted" audience. By this I mean people who have bought from you in the past (i.e. customers) and those people who have signed up as subscribers for your newsletter.

Traditional was always equated with the "best" or "your grandfather's tried and true methods." Well, in today's market if you only focus your marketing efforts on your traditional and targeted newsletter audience your competitors are going to leave you standing in the dust.

Now here's where our title "A Blog Is Not Your Grandfather's Newsletter" comes into play. When marketers want to convey that something is better than the tried and true traditional methods they use words such as "not your grandfather's...." to indicate that the new approach is not only different - IT'S BETTER!

Blogs are unique in that they can be a combination of a traditional tried and true approach as they can serve as a newsletter - ONLY MUCH BETTER - but, also function as critical marketing tools for today's small business environment and here's why?

Posting to your blog and the way your posts can be communicated to the Internet masses is astonishing. Not only can you have a targeted and non-targeted audience with subscribers of your RSS feed, but you have opened up the possibilities for expanding your customer base exponentially on a minute-by-minute, hourly, daily, weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly basis via the search engines.
The nature of the Internet and blogs has changed how we communicate. Internet users can receive RSS feed emails instantly, daily, subscribe to reader services and read what they want anytime they want. They can visit the blogs they like when they want and they can even download the blog articles, RSS feeds, podcasts, etc. to their PDA's, phones, IPods, portable drives, etc. This makes communication available 24/7, available when the reader (i.e. customer) wants it, and available in the format the user wants.

Now comes the really big reason why "Blogs are Not Your Grandfather's Newsletter!" Search engines love content and there is nothing more content driven than blogs. The search engines by their nature create your targeted audience for you and multiply that to mind boggling proportions.

Between the blog feed capabilities and the search engine capabilities the universe for customers has gone from just your tried and true "traditional" customer base to an exponentially limitless potential customer base. There may be people reading your small business blog that you are unaware of and they may just become future customers. Your blog posts are coming up in searches that you will never be aware of. Because of the ways information can be disseminated on the Internet now the potential reach of blogs is truly amazing.

Two years ago I gave up my traditional monthly newsletter in favor of my blogs and I have never looked back. If you are a small business owner on the Internet in order to market to your current, new, and future customer base you need a blog.

Blogs are definitely not your grandfather's newsletter. They are one thousand fold BETTER. As a small business owner on the Internet you don't want to be let standing in the dust.

"Tips From the Blogging Queen" Column 15 Definition - "Vlogger"
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