Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cool New Widget From

I don't know how long has had this widget, but I don' think it's been that long as I think I would have noticed it before.

In any event, I think it's terrific.


Well, it provides a widget for you to use on your blog for all your newsletter (i.e. blog) subscriptions under your account at

So, for example, I have 12 active newsletters (i.e. blogs) at that I offer subscriptions for. With this new widget I can offer everyone the ability to subscribe to all my blogs on say, just my "Tips For Crafters On The Web" blog, or offer it in the sidebar of every one of my blogs.

How cool is that? And, how convenient.

Now you can subscribe to all my blogs in just one place. You can subscribe for either email or RSS feeds for each individual blog by clicking the email envelope or Feedblitz RSS icon next to each blog name. Or, you can subscribe for email or RSS feed for ALL my blogs at once by clicking the email envelope or import into RSS feed aggregator feed icon next to Reading List by Feedblitz at the bottom of the list. How convenient is that?

I'm adding the widget to the sidebars of all my blogs so it won't matter which blog you're on. You can subscribe to all my blogs on any of them.

The widgets are in the sidebars under the heading:
Subscribe To Our Linda Walsh Originals Other Blogs.

I'd show it to you here, but the post doesn't allow this Javascript. Oh, well. Check it out on the sidebars.

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