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Tips From The Blogging Queen - Column 13 - What Is Podcasting and Should You Jump On The Podcasting Bandwagon?

Last month in my TFTBQ Column 12 our definition was "Podcasting" which is a combination of the words IPod and broadcasting where you distribute audio and video material over the Internet using syndicated feeds like an RSS feed specifically for playback on portable digital players and personal computers.

I'm sure that most of you are aware of IPod's and probably have at least heard the word "podcasts." If you're not then you should know there has been a mini-revolution going on over the last few years with the way in which content is being delivered to the masses.

Content has become extremely mobile and "podcasting" is allowing audio and video content to be delivered to portable media players on demand.

What does this mean for you as a small business owner? It means that you can deliver audio and video content to your customers that they can watch or listen to whenever they want and wherever they are. Content has become available anytime and anywhere.

Also, the way in which content is being delivered is also evolving. It used to be that only audio content could be podcast and required MP3 files to be downloaded into IPod's or personal computers where separate player software (i.e. Real Player) was used to play the audio files. You would click on the link and download the audio file. The audio file would then open up in your "player" and begin playing the file.

This started with music downloads and quickly evolved into "radio broadcasts" where anyone could broadcast if they had a microphone connected to their computer and sound recording software.
Now "podcasts" have become so sophisticated that your can broadcast audio and video content just about anywhere, anytime. Some broadcasters are now combining "podcast" within their blogs and creating what is known as a "blogcast."

The latter allows bloggers to post an article to their blog and include an audio or video "podcast" within the post that can be played right from the post utilizing and inline audio/video player. Readers do not need to open up a new player.

So, should you jump on the "podcasting" bandwagon? That depends on what you are selling and how good you are at conveying your message either verbally or via video capture. In essence you would be creating a "radio show" or "video" for your customers.

Either of the above or combination of the above would have to contain content that is interesting enough for your blog readers to want to take with them and watch or listen to at their leisure?

"Podcasting" is not for everyone. Disadvantages include the fact that it does require practice and the ability to conceptualize what and how you want your idea conveyed to your customer. Advantages are unlimited mobility and being able to convey your ideas to your customers anytime and anywhere.

If you are capable of the above then for bloggers "blogcasts" are ideal. Blog posts can now contain audio and video podcasts within the posts. For small business bloggers there are so many ways to convey your message to your customer now that to not take advantage of some of them puts you at a severe disadvantage in the marketplace.

"Tips From the Blogging Queen" Column 13 Definition -
"Blog Hopping" - To follow links from one blog entry to another, with related side-trips to various other articles, blogs, websites, etc. It is also used to describe visiting blogs that you like frequently and commenting on them.

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