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Tips From The Blogging Queen - Column 12 - Are You A Multi-Blogger?

Tips From The Blogging Queen - Are You A Multi-Blogger? Column 12

Last month in my TFTBQ Column 11 had two definitions "Multi-Blogger and Multi-Blogging." A Multi-Blogger is a person or business with more than one blog and Multi-Blogging is creating, maintaining, and running multiple blogs at the same time.

My question to you was: Are you a multi-blogger?

For those of you new to blogging I suspect the answer is "no." For those of you, like me, who have been blogging for awhile I suspect the answer is definitely "yes."

Now I know some of you are going to say, "I can hardly think of enough material to include in one blog for my small business - why would I create more than one?"

Well, the reason is simple - To provide directed content for your readers and/or customers.
Sometimes when you have been blogging for awhile and see how easy it is to post articles on just about anything you want about your small business, about your products, or about yourself you begin to realize that your posts cover a wide spectrum. In other words your blog begins to contain many, many different articles, subjects and/or facets about your business and your interests. Some of these may be entirely different areas with a vastly different audience. So, what do you do?

You create a blog specifically for that content and that audience. By doing so you provide your audience and/or your customers with the material that is specifically geared towards them.
For example, my small business sells e-products, print products, and a large variety of handmade items. When I started blogging I found myself writing about subjects that were as varied as my small business.

However, while some of those subjects were of interest to some of my customers and readers some were not. They had their own targeted audience so I created separate blogs for them. By doing so I allowed my readers and/or customers to subscribe to the blog that was specifically of interest to them. Of course, they could still subscribe to and read my main blog if they wanted to as it was a compilation of my entire business, but that was now up to them.

Now I know that you're going to say that multiple blogs is a lot of work. Granted setting up multiple blogs is extra work initially, but maintaining and posting to them isn't that much more effort. If you were going to post about a particular subject to your main blog then adding that same post to another blog is nothing more than copying and pasting.

Is the extra effort involved in setting up and maintaining multiple blogs worth it? Well, if it gives your readers and/or customers directed content that they like to read then you've made your readers and/or customers happy. And, hopefully, happy customers means more sales.

If you are currently a multi-blogger I say, "Congratulations!" If you're on the fence and wondering if you should create another blog then I say, "Go for it! Become a multi-blogger!"

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