Monday, September 10, 2007

Tips From The Blogging Queen - Column 11 - Do You Need A Blogiday

Last month in my TFTBQ Column 10 my definition was "Blogiday" which is getting fed up with your blog and taking a holiday from blogging. My question to you was: Do You need a Blogiday?
If you are like me and have been blogging for awhile you undoubtedly know that blogging creativity comes in phases. Some days you are in "blogging mode" and can write and create to your hearts content. Other days you can't think of a thing to write about and can't even get your fingers to move on the keyboard.

What's your problem? Well, you have just have "bloggers block" or "creativity block" and need to do something to get your creative juices moving again.

What should you do? Quite simply, don't despair - take a "blogiday" or a holiday from blogging.
You need to step away from the blog for a day or two or even a week or so and relax, enjoy yourself, and do something you love to do. Or, spend some time doing some of the mindless work you may have put on the back burner. For small business crafters there's nothing like mindless work or doing something you love to get your creative juices flowing again.

Better yet do something fun with your kids, or your friends, or visit your grandchildren. Take a day trip, go out to eat, or indulge yourself at a day spa. Go to the library or the bookstore and browse through all the books. Plan a vacation, take an online course, start a new hobby. Do whatever it takes to relax and take your mind off blogging.

What else can you do to get your creative juices flowing? Well,you may need to do some "blog hopping" and research on other blogs that you like to see what's new in the blogging world, catch up on the latest in blog widgets, search for some new graphics, find new content to add to your blog, etc.
Or, you may need to spruce your blog up. Try reformatting your blog, adding new colors, change your blog format, increase or reduce the columns or widths, add new wallpaper, or create a new banner. Sometimes a little "blog spring cleaning", "blog remodeling", or "blog sprucing" is all it takes to get your creative juices flowing.

And, when your creative juices are flowing again you'll find you're quickly back in "blogging mode." This time, however, when you're in "blogging mode" draft a few articles or ideas for articles and save them in "reserve" for those times when you are "blogstipated" (see my TFTBQ Column 9 in the July 2007 Faithful Friends Online Newsletter) and need to take another "blogiday." Then you'll always have articles to post when you get fed-up with your blog and need another "blogiday."

But, most of all don't despair. "Blogiday's" are as necessary as "holidays" and "vacations" to get your creative juices back on track. Your blog will always be there when you get back.

"Tips From the Blogging Queen" Column 11 Definition -
"Multi-Blogger and Multi-Blogging" - A Multi-blogger is a person or business with more than one blog and multi-blogging is creating, maintaining, and running multiple blogs at the same time.

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