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Tips From The Blogging Queen - Should You Add Blogvert and Blogvertising to Your Blog? - Column 8

Tips From The Blogging Queen - Should You Add Blogvert and Blogvertising to Your Blog? - Column 8
Last month in my TFTBQ Column 7 our blog definitions were "Blogvert" and "Blogvertising."
"Blogvert" is an ad on a blog. Ads can be pictures, banners, text, video, etc.

"Blogvertising" is advertising of any shape or nature that appears on a blog either in the sidebar(s), masthead, footnote area, or embedded within the articles of the blog. Blogvertising usually contains a clickable link to the subject advertisers website or blog.

So, the question this month is "Should You Add Blogvert and Blogvertising to Your Blog?

There was a time when advertising on blogs was forbidden and a HUGE "NO-NO." Blogs were considered personal diaries filled with nothing but text or images. They were not considered as business tools.

But, times change and so did the thinking on blogs and advertising. Paramount in this change was the ability of anyone including a small business owner to set-up a blog to support their small business.

Blogs became mainstream and advertising your own business on your business blog was a no-brainer.
At first small business ads took the form of button ads in the sidebars or banner ads at the very top of the blogs. Sometimes the ads were embedded within the articles themselves in the form of text links, etc. Sometimes they were text links contained within the article bye lines.

However, with the ease to which blog templates could be altered and images added blogverts became larger and larger and placed anywhere within the confines of the blog.

With the advent of digital images, photo hosting websites, shopping carts, and E-Products small business bloggers realized that they could use their blogs to effectively advertise and sell specific products. And, nothing was more suited to this than "instant download e-products."

So, small business bloggers advertising their own businesses and products on their own blogs became acceptable. Within reason so as not to turn the customers off, but acceptable.

However, there was a change brewing in the blogvert and blogvertising debate and the question became whether or not you should add other advertising to your blog? Paramount in this change was the onset of Google AdSense ads, Amazon ads, affiliate advertising and the ability of bloggers to earn a few dollars on their blogging efforts.

So, should you add other advertising to your blog?

I think the answer to this depends on what your blog is being used for. If it is a blog that is being used to support and promote your small business and/or website then you need to consider three things before you add other advertising to it:

1) The reason why you set-up your blog up in the first place.

2) Who your customer base is and what advertising would do to your readership?

3) Where you are going to place this advertising.

If you think you can add other advertising without undermining the reasons for your blog and turning off your blog readers and customers then you should consider adding it.

If you think that other advertising will detract from the purpose of your blog then do not add it. Also, if you think that advertising for others on your own blog undermines your own small business then do not add it.

Of course there are those true bloggers who still consider advertising in blogs as offensive. I can understand their rationale. However, as blogs become more and more mainstream for big business and small business alike they become a commonplace advertising vehicle. The answer lies in striking a fine balance between blogvertising for your blog and turning off your blog readers.

"Tips From The Blogging Queen" Column 8 Definition -
"Blogstipation" - Being unable to think of anything to blog about (i.e. writer's block for bloggers).

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