Monday, June 25, 2007

Linda's How-Do-I Series - What's On The Sidebar For Your Individual Posts!

One of the changes that I've made recently to the sidebars of the blogs of mine that I haven't converted to a new template is the addition of HTML coding that would specify exactly what sections of my sidebar I wanted included on the individual post pages.

If you are a reader of my blogs you may have noticed that there is a LOT of information on my sidebars. I wanted to change that for the individual posts pages where just one article would be displayed as I thought a long sidebar in those instances was too much.

So, I added <***mainorarchivepage>and <***/mainorarchivepage> HTML coding (minus the 3 ***'s that are shown just to get the HTML coding displayed in this post) at the beginning and ending of those sidebar sections that I wanted to EXCLUDE from the sidebar of my individual post pages. They're still there when my main blog is shown, just not there when the individual post pages are shown.

For example. Just scroll down the sidebar of my Linda's Blog, my I Love Crafts & Craft Blogs, and my DOLLS Blog to see how long the sidebars are. Now just click on any one or all of the following to see how I've shortened each blog for the individual post pages:

Linda's Blog - A Million Different Blogging Directories! For Crafters - Which To Choose?

DOLLS Blog - He's Doing an Irish Jig Again - Watch Out!

I Love Crafts and Craft Blogs - Top Blogs By Crafters Toplist Is Hopping!

Can you see the difference?

You can only do this on those blogs that haven't been changed to a new template. I changed the rest of my blogs to a new template and haven't figured out how to get this to work there as well. I'm not sure I'll be able to do it there. But, I'll keep looking and trying and if I can I'll let you know how I did it.

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