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Tips From The Blogging Queen - Don't Forget To Back-Up Your Blogs - Column 7

Last month in my TFTBQ Column 6 our blog definition was "Blog Back-up"" which in blog definitions is a a copy of a template or article(s) and stored on a separate medium in the event the original blog template or blog article(s) are lost.

So, the question this month is "Do You Have a Routine to Back-up Your Blogs?

Don't Forget To Back-up Your Blogs! For bloggers that's advice you shouldn't ignore. This is especially true if you have a large blog and if you have invested a lot of time into your blog. It is also true if you have a lot of personal pictures on your blog, if you have a business blog, if you have a family blog, or if you customized the template of your blog. Or, just plain - if you have a blog.
You're probably wondering if you really have to worry about this? The simple answer is "YES." All you really need to do is just get into a simple routine for backing up. Plus, one aspect of the simple routine should prove to be beneficial for future articles that you write.

I have a simple routine that I use to back-up my blog template, my blog articles, and my blog articles URLs. I'm sure you can understand backing up the blog template especially if you customized your blog. And, I'm sure you can understand backing-up the articles you have written. But, the URLs? Why would I do that?

Well, because it makes it so much easier when I write an article referencing a previous article and want the URL to link directly to that article. I just go to my back-up file list and look for that article and it's URL. Then I copy/paste the hyperlink to my new article. It's so much easier than hunting through the archives on my blog to try and find the article I had previously written and then copying/pasting the URL from my browser window.

So, how do I simply back-up my blogs? Well, since I keep "Notepad" open on my desktop for moving between my various websites and blogs and cutting & pasting things I want here or there I decided the easiest thing to do was to use "Notepad" to create .txt files for backing up all three of these areas. I have a .txt file for my blog articles, a .txt file for the URLs of my blog articles, and a .txt file for my blogs template.

Every time I write an article for my blog I copy the html code and paste it into my .txt file for blog articles. Then I publish my article, go to my blog, go to that particular articles archive page and copy/paste the URL to my .txt file for blog article URLs. All of this takes about 2 seconds. When it becomes a routine and habit it takes no time at all. Plus, if you are a multi-blogger and utilize some of the same articles for some of your other blogs it becomes very handy to have a .txt file with all your blog articles within it.

I back-up my blogs template in the same manner by copying and pasting it into a .txt file that I set-up specifically for it. Easy as pie once you're in the habit.

Then, if I want to be extra cautious and back-up by .txt files I copy them to an external hard drive that I use as my whole computer system back-up. Just a few extra minutes of your time can save you a massive headache should you ever lose your blog.

So, do your really have to back-up your blog? The simple answer is "YES." If you spend as much time as I do on your blog it would be a shame to lose it. Wouldn't it?

"Tips From The Blogging Queen" Column 7 Definition -
"Blogvert" - This is an ad on a blog. Ads can be pictures, banners, text, video, etc.

"Blogvertising" - This is advertising of any shape or nature that appears on a blog either in the sidebar(s), masthead, footnote area, or embedded within the articles of the blog. Blogvertising usually contains a clickable link to the subject advertisers website or blog.

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