Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tips From The Blogging Queen - Why Would You Want To Bleg Your Readers? - Column 4

Last month in my TFTBQ Column 3 our blog definition was "bleg" which in blog definitions is a blog entry consisting of a request to readers for information or contributions.

So, the question this month is "Why would you want to bleg your readers?"

Well, you may or may not want to. "Bleg" started out as a term that was coined due to the spam blogs requesting money. Back then - that was a blog no-no.

However, it has been turned into a term used to asking for anything within a blog from your readers. Money, however, is still a NO-NO. That is, unless you are an established and recognized charity with a charitable blog.

However, for small business owners with blogs "blegging" can be considered a good thing especially if it creates a communication between you and your blog readers or customers.

For example, you could include a survey within a blog post or within the sidebar of your blog. It could be a survey regarding your business or products or something you'd like to get a response on before deciding to undertake.

You could ask a question of your blog readers and/or customers and ask them to email you with their response. For example, I asked my customers to tell me what kind of FREE patterns they wanted to see me design. I got a bunch of emails with their responses which I have posted on my blog from time to time.

If you are a crafter who sells patterns you could ask your customers to send you pictures of the items they have made from your doll patterns and then showcase them on your blog.

You could try and find out what your customers favorite likes or dislikes with your business or products are. For example, I have a survey on my website (which could just as easily be on my blogs) asking my customers if my Victorian "Ladies" dolls should remain "faceless." You wouldn't believe how many responses I've received on this.

Once again, the universe is your playing field when it comes to your small business blog and your readers and/or customers.

So, "Why Would You Want To Bleg Your Readers?"

The answer is: to become interactive with your readers and/or customers and get a communication going. "Blegging" is very good in this regard.

"Tips From The Blogging Queen" Column 4 Definition -

"Keyword" - A word or phrase that is used when searching for websites or blogs in the search engines or directories that explains the content of a website or blog post.

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