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Tips From The Blogging Queen - Who Is Your Audience and What Should You Tell Them? - Column 3

In my "Tips From The Blogging Queen" Column 2 you were given the definition of Blaudience - which is defined as the audience or readership of a blog.

So, is this important to you? Absolutely.

Why? Because you've taken the step as a small business owner to set-up a blog. Right?

Now what? Well, hopefully, you gave some thought before you created your blog as to "who your audience was and what you should tell them." Right?

After all, you probably gave considerable thought to "who your audience was and what you were going to sell to them" before you started your small business. Right?

So, who you're blogging for and what you are going to to tell them is not that much different.

You created your blog as a tool to support your business and communicate with your customers and blog readers. So, you want your customers and blog readers to get to know you and your business and/or products.

So, who is your audience? Well, they are YOUR current and, hopefully, future customers. They are readers who you hope will recommend you or your product to someone they know because they like you and your blog.

So, what do you tell them? Well, the universe is your playing field. You can basically tell them anything you want. Anything that will personalize your business and you to them. You, hopefully, know your customers better than anyone. Right?

So, you can stick to the tried and true and talk only about your products and services you might offer or you can personalize yourself and your business a little bit.

For example:

- You might tell them a little bit about yourself and how you got started.
- Reveal who or what is your inspiration.
- Demonstrate the skills involved with your art or craft.
- Give them the history of some of the products you create.
- Provide traditional historical information on any particular subject that is of interest to you or that you think might be of interest to your customers and blog readers.
- Show them your latest designs or newest products.
- Display some of your customers creations.
- Provide answers to questions you think your customers or blog readers might want to ask you.
- Tell them a little bit about your family.
- Relate a funny story involving your family or something funny your child or grandchild may have said.
- Relate a funny story about the business you are in.
- Show them some of your favorite pictures and tell them why they are your favorites.
- Write about your travels.
- Discuss some aspects of your day-to-day life.
- Reveal your thought process step-by-step as you create.
- Provide some useful information such as, time saving tips or holiday recipes.
- Give them how-to's on whatever your expertise is.
- Tell them a story.
- Provide a step-by-step tutorial with pictures.
- Include a FREE graphic.
- Give them a FREE pattern or article about your craft.
- Reveal upcoming specials or upcoming products.
- Showcase someone else in your business community.
- You might tell them about events you may be participating in for your community or small business.
- Discuss areas where you or your staff might volunteer.
- Ask them for their assistance with something.
- Tell them about some of your personal interests.
- Discuss movies you like.
- Give them pointers on the books you like to read.
- Reveal some of your personal hobbies or interests.
- Reveal some of your family traditions.
- Direct them towards websites you love to visit that might be of interest to them.
- Tell them about blogs that you like to read that might be of interest to them.

With the universe as your playing field there are just so many things you can blog about. So, with so many things to blog about is there anything you shouldn't blog about?

Well, the answer is "YES." There are some things you shouldn't blog about.

Unless you specifically have a political or religious blog you should stay away from those subjects.

You should also always make sure that the content of your discussion is "family-friendly" only and that your pictures are always "family-friendly." You never know who may be reading your blog.

Just like the etiquette surrounding online "forums" when you're blogging you need to use common sense. You don't want to offend anyone least of all your customers. So, be sure to stay within the realm of what one might consider to be "politically correct" discussion.

Also, it is never a good idea to blog in a derogatory manner about someone else or blog in a complaining manner about your boss or the company that you work for.

Remember that blogs that are created for small businesses are meant to compliment the business and personalize you to your customer. Your current customer and, hopefully, future customer is your audience. You don't want to turn your customers or readers off by something you said or complained about.

So, now that you've got some ideas isn't it time you started blogging?

"Tips From The Blogging Queen" Column 3 Definition -

Bleg - A blog entry consisting of a request to the readers for information or contributions. The name is derived from the words "blog" and "Beg".

Be sure to tune in to my TFTBQ Column 4 on "Why Would You Want To Bleg Your Readers!"

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