Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tips For Crafters On The Web Sections - What Are The Sections?

When I started this blog last year I created a list of things I was going to cover. Before I knew it the list was ten pages long. There's a lot to cover - certainly much more than I had ever envisioned. So, I thought I'd break it down into sections and focus each article on that particular section's issues.

Some of the sections and issues contained within I have covered via posts that I have written for some of my other blogs. Those posts have been added to this blog so we have a consistency within each section.

So, since I have covered some of the issues within some of the sections of this blog I thought it might be best to refer to those posts and provide a link to those articles as we go along. I hope you will agree.

Whether or not any of my information and experience is helpful to you is entirely up to you and your situation. What worked for me might not work for you. I am not an expert on anything listed within my blog and don't claim to be. All I know is what my experience has been during the past two years with setting up my Linda Walsh Originals websites, blogs, plugboards, and toplists.

My crafting experience on the Internet has taught me that the Internet is a fast changing environment that is always in motion. What's "new" today is "old" tomorrow. What worked for one might not work for another. And, if anyone tells you that you'll "make a killing" overnight they are conning you.

You need to know that before you begin this adventure that it takes a very long time to get established on the Internet and a lot of work. Nothing happens overnight.

So, as a small business crafter you need to be prepared to be a "starving artist" for a long time. In other words, if you need the income from online sales to survive the Internet might not be the place for you. You will definitely need supplementary income to support yourself while you are trying to establish your craft business on the web.

Now, there are some overnight crafting success stories, but they are definitely a minuscule percentage of the crafters on the web. And, I do mean minuscule. A lot of crafters don't have the means or stamina to keep at it. So, they just fold up their tents and move on. That's unfortunate, but that's life on the web.

I don't mean to discourage anyone from trying. I love crafting on the Internet and I wouldn't trade the last two years for anything. The crafting community on the Internet is one of the best ones out there and I just love it.

Most of the crafters I have met have been so wonderful, so helpful, so creative, and - so ALIVE and enthusiastic. It must relate to our innate drive to create. It doesn't matter what country you are from - crafters everywhere just want to create and crafters everywhere understand this innate drive in each other. The world is a small place on the Internet. Crafting is what brings us all together under one umbrella.

That said, the sections I will be covering are listed below. I won't guarantee that I'll be covering them in that exact order, but I'll try to. As mentioned, some I have already more than covered (i.e. like blogs or plugboards) in the articles I've already posted. But, I'll review the issues in those sections just to make sure I haven't missed anything.

So, are you ready to get started? Here's our list:

Section 1 - Getting Started?
Section 2 - Product Issues
Section 3 - Product Order Issues
Section 4 - Customer Has Ordered Issues
Section 5 - Product Issues and Product Pictures
Section 6 - E-Products
Section 7 - Practical Issues
Section 8 - Banking Issues
Section 9 - Beginning Webpage Issues
Section 10 - Selling Issues
Section 11 - Designing Your Webpage
Section 12 - Programming Issues
Section 13 - Technical Issues
Section 14 - Legal Issues
Section 15 - E-Mail Issues
Section 16 - Practical Business Matters
Section 17 - Graphics Issue
Section 18 - Images and Photo Storage Website Issues
Section 19 - Mailing List and Newsletter Issues
Section 20 - FREE Services and Other Website Customer Enticers
Section 21 - Search Engine Issues
Section 22 - WebRing and Topsite Issue
Section 23 - Banner Exchanges and Linking
Section 24 - Advertising Issues
Section 25 - Print Ads and National Advertising
Section 26 - Plugboard Issues
Section 27 - On-line Crafts Selling and Other Craft Selling
Section 28 - Publishing Your Website
Section 29 - Forum Issues and Networking
Section 30 - Blogs and Blogging
Section 31 - Other Revenue Opportunities
Section 32 - Statistics
Section 33 - The "Now I'm Out There" Issues
Section 34 - Miscellaneous Issues

Hopefully, I haven't missed anything. If I have I'll just add it later. I'm off to start blogging. Yikes! I have a lot to tell you.

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