Monday, January 01, 2007

My Tips From The Blogging Queen and Dear Linda Blog

You are all definitely going to think I've gone crazy.


Because I decided to create yet another blog.

Why on earth would I do such a thing?

Surely it couldn't be because I need one?

No - I don't need another blog.

So why?

Well, I thought it might be good to house all my "Tips From The Blogging Queen" articles that I'm writing for my column on the "Faithful Friends Online Newsletter", to house my "Dear Linda" column articles that I have on the Primitive Times Magazine website, and to house the articles I am writing for the Primitive Times Magazine FREE E-Zine issues in one place.

So, of course, I thought a blog would be a perfect place to do that.

Duh! What else would the "blogging queen" think of!!!! LOL LOL

Plus, by doing so it provides me with another distinct advantage. I can utilize the "draft" and WYSIWYG features of my blog to house my future articles and to format them in .txt format for transferring them to my columns. All in all a win-win proposition.

Of course, they will all be historical in nature and the actual column articles won't be posted until after my columns have been out for awhile. That's okay. This is a depository blog and a "drafting" device.

So, surprise, surprise. Yet, another blog for me.

Works for me. I hope if you're looking for my historical articles all in one place you'll visit my "Tips From The Blogging Queen" and "Dear Linda" blog.

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