Saturday, January 20, 2007

Linda's How-Do-I Series? - How Do I Set-up Forum Signatures or Siggy's

I often get asked a lot of simple HTML coding questions so I thought I'd post a bunch of the more common questions in a series on my "Tips For Crafters on The Web" blog. I thought I'd call it the "Linda's How-Do-I Series?"

Question #2 - How do I set-up my forum signature (i.e. siggy)?

Answer: Forum signatures can be a mix of clickable banners, clickable text, and/or a combination of both. Or it can be a string of various combinations.

If you want to make a banner clickable enter the following code:


If you want to make text clickable enter the following code:


If you want to make a string of clickable banners and clickable text enter the following code:


The first few lines of code are for the banner and text string for Website #1. Websites #2 and #3, etc. would just be clickable text names.

For all of the above you would replace "" with your websites URL and the "www.YOURWEBSITEIMAGE#1URL.jpg" with the URL of where your banner image resides on the internet. You would replace "WEBSITETEXTNAME#1" with the name of your website. Images can reside in a folder on your websites server, in your account on a photo hosting website, etc. They just have to be on the internet and not on your hard drive.

I hope this helps you to set-up your forum signature

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