Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Linda's How-Do-I Series? How Do I Create A Clickable E-Product Ad?

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I've sure you've seen the clickable e-product ads on websites and blogs and may have wondered what they are and how you do that.

Well, e-product ads sell electronically transmitted products such as, e-patterns, e-printables, e-websets, e-stitcheries, e-books, e-zines or e-magazines, e-graphics, etc. The e-products can be sent as attachments to emails or they can be "instantly downloaded" once the customer has paid. In both instances the ad may include a clickable link to a website to buy the e-product or the clickable link to pay for the product and trigger the download.

If you've got e-products to sell and are wondering what the HTML coding for setting-up an e-product ad is - here's how you would do it (minus the ***'s which are there so you can view the HTML in this article):

<***center><***a href="http://EPRODUCTWEBSITEPAGEURL" target="_blank"><***img src="http://EPRODUCTIMAGEURL" /><***/a><***br/><***a href="http://YOURWEBSITEURL">YOUR WEBSITE NAME<***/a><***br/>EPRODUCT NAME<***p><***/p><***a href="http://EPRODUCTWEBSITEPAGEURL or EPRODUCTINSTANTDOWNLOADSTRINGCODE">Buy $8.95 Instant E-Product Now<***/a><***/p><***/center>

The <***center><***/center> (minus the ***'s> string centers the picture and text. If you don't want it centered then just eliminate the string.

The <***strong><***/strong> (minus the ***'s) string is to indicate BOLD for the text in between the string. If you don't want the text to be BOLD eliminate the string.
The <***br/> (minus the ***'s) indicates line break or next line.
The <***p><***/p> (minus the ***'s) string indicates separate paragraph and causes the code to skip a line.

The pictures are clickable back to the website your product is on. YOUR WEBSITE NAME is clickable back to the home page of your business. And, the "Buy $6.50 Instant E-Product Now" can be either clickable back to the page the product is on in your website or clickable with the "instant download e-product" code that will trigger the download once the customer has paid.

I make all mine clickable back to the page my e-pattern in on in my Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns website so the user can utilize my shopping cart if they want to. You can just include the "instant download" string provided by the website you are using to handle your "instant downloads" e-products.

Clickable E-Product ads are a great way to promote and can be included in blog posts, blog sidebars, websites, as button ads, in emails, in newsletters, in e-zines or e-magazines, etc. They are a great way to promote your e-products.

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