Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Linda's How-Do-I Series? How Do I Create An Email Link?

I'm sure you've seen this on various websites or blogs. The website owner might make a statement like "Email" us for details or Contact Me. The Email or Contact Me is clickable so that when you click on it your email service providers program opens with the website owners email address already listed in the "Send To" field.

If you're wondering how they did that here's how.

Let's say I want someone to Email me at my email address and I've written a statement like "Please Email me for details."

The HTML to make the Email clickable is as follows (minus the ***'s which are there so you can view the HTML in this article):

"Please <***a href="">Email<***/a> me for details."

and that would create this:

"Please Email me for details."

If you just wanted to provide a link in the sidebar of your blog or somewhere on your website the HTML coding might look like this (minus the ***'s which are there so you can view the HTML in this article):

<***a href="">Email Linda<***/a>

and that would create this:

Email Linda

The above could say "Contact Me" or whatever else you might want it to say. Just replace the test "Email Linda" to be whatever you want it to say and replace my email address with your own.

All of the lines of coding and sections above contain 3 ***'s. They are there only to allow for you to view the html code above and should not be included in your html code.

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