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Linda's How-Do-I Series? How Do I Add Vertical Advertising to My Website?

Your Ad Could Be Here - CLICK For Details

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Linda Walsh Originals

You see them all the time on all the various crafting websites and blogs. They're vertical advertising buttons and they're all in a vertical column on the side of a website or in the sidebar of a blog. The button banners are usually clickable back to the website or blog they're advertising and usually their name is underneath the button banner and is also clickable back to the website.

Sometimes the 1st button banner in the column is for the owner of the website that is offering the advertising and the image is usually clickable back to their advertising page to order the ads. There may also be a clickable text link underneath the owner's button such as "CLICK for Details" which also takes you to their advertising page to order the ads.

If you've ever thought that you'd like to offer advertising buttons on your website or blog, but just didn't know how here's how you would code the HTML for a vertical column like the one above (minus the ***'s which are there so you can view the HTML in this article):

<***p><***a href="http://YOURWEBSITEADVERTISINGPAGEURL" target="_blank"><***img src="http://YOURADVERTISINGBANNERIMAGEURL" /><***/a><***/p>
<***p><***strong>Your Ad Could Be Here -<***a href="http://YOURWEBSITEADVERTISINGPAGEURL"> CLICK For Details.<***/a><***/strong><***/p>
<***p><***a href="http://Button#1WEBSITEURL" target="_blank"><***img src="http://Button#1IMAGEURL"/><***/a><***/p><***p><***strong><***a href="http://Button#1WEBSITEURL">Button#1TEXTNAME<***/a><***/strong><***/p>
<***p><***a href="http://Button#2WEBSITEURL" target="_blank"><***img src="http://Button#2IMAGEURL" /><***/a><***strong><***/p><***p><***a href="http://Button#2WEBSITEURL">Button#2TEXTNAME<***/a><***/strong><***/p>

Unlike the button banners that are in horizontal rows and need to be the same size the button banners don't need to be the size for a vertical column. The only requirement is that they be able to fit within the width of your sidebar.

You would need a page for the customers to click to for the details and costs of advertising with you. That would be the "YOURWEBSITEADVERTISINGPAGEURL"above. This could be a separate page of your website or even just a blog post. All you need for the blog post is the archive URL for that post. Your website advertising page or blog post could include coding for the customer to order from you, such as PayPal coding or just a statement to Email you for details. That's totally up to you.

If you don't want the ad buttons to be centered in the sidebar of your website or blog then you would just eliminate the <***center><***/center> above.
The <***p><***/p> (minus the ***'s) is to indicate new paragraph. This establishes separate paragraphs and places the buttons and text on separate lines. You can also achieve this by placing <***br/> between the button and the text and 2 <***br/><***br/>'s between each customers button to provide for line spacing.
The "target=_blank" command is for a new window to open when you click on the customer's button.
The <***strong><***/strong> (minus the ***'s) string is to indicate BOLD for the text in question.

Hopefully, you have a better idea now of how to add vertical column advertising to your website or blogs.

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