Saturday, January 20, 2007

E-Products, E-Patterns????? What are They?

You may have heard the term E-Products and E-Commerce and might be wondering exactly what they are and what that is?

Well, E-Commerce is simply the buying and selling of goods and services on the Internet (i.e. the World Wide Web). E-commerce and E-business are used interchangeably and stand for the same time.

E-Products are products which can be digitally encoded then transmitted electronically over the Internet. In effect, an e-product is a digitized product that is sent electronically from the seller to the buyer via a file format that can be read on a computer screen or read using a special reader such as the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader. Most new computers comes with the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader already installed.

For online retail selling, the term E-tailing is sometimes used and refers to E-goods.

Anything that can be digitized can be an e-product. For example, an e-pattern is a regular pattern that is created in .PDF (i.e. Portable Document Format) format so it can be read and transmitted digitally over the computer. It looks exactly the same as a print pattern would except it's viewable over the computer screen and is stored in a computer file instead of being stored on paper. It can be saved to your computers hard drive and printed via the printer connected to your computer. It is sent to you via the Internet versus via the U.S. Post Office.

So, what else could be an E-product? Well, there's a lot. So, hold onto your hats!

You can have E-books, E-cards, E-comics, E-magazines or E-zines, E-graphics, E-printables, E-books, E-patterns, E-photo's, E-software, E-artwork, E-video's, E-music, E-websets, E-labels, E-tags, E-templates, E-catalogs, E-brochures, etc.

E-Products can be sent as attachments to an email or they can be "instantly downloaded" by the customer themselves after they are paid for.

If you are thinking of selling online and have products that are conducive to being digitized and sold then you should seriously consider selling them as e-products.

Copyright © 2007 - All Rights Reserved -Written By Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals and Linda's Blog. Linda is a doll maker and doll pattern designer.

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