Saturday, January 20, 2007

BLINKIES! Blinkies! What Are Blinkies?

Blinkies, Blinkies! I just love Blinkies! Lasty year I found out about "Blinkies." I don't know where I'd been or why I wasn't familiar with the world of Blinkies before. I must have been on another planet or asleep at the switch. Well, I know what they are now and have been in love with them ever since I found out.

If you don't know what "Blinkies" are they are little animated graphics that (hold on to your hats) BLINK. They can also be just small animated images. They are created using paint programs such as Paint Shop Pro, etc. Blinkies are mainly found on graphic artist websites for visitors to take for free (adopt). Sometimes a link back to the graphic artists website is required, sometimes there are no restrictions.

They are kind of like an online hobby (or in my case obsession). You save the Blinkie to your hard drive and then collect as many as you can for your blog, website, email, etc. Blinkies are usually hung one after another in a row from a Blinkie rack. I have several in the right hand column of my Linda's Blog. Just scroll down to see them.

Since I found out about these adorable graphics, which are wildly available on numerous websites, I haven't stopped searching for them. It's been days now and I'm still on the Blinkie Hunt. I NEED HELP! I'm out of control! Besides adopting several (too many to count) now, I want to create my own for my Linda Walsh Originals website and for my Linda's Blog. So, I'm adding that to my list of TO DO's for 2007 or 2008 or 2009!!! So, stay tuned. Linda's Blinkies are coming soon! Very Soon!

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