Saturday, January 20, 2007

Blinkies, Blinkies! Don't You Just Love Blinkies!

This may sound strange but I am a woman who is having a love affair. Not a traditional love affair but, a love affair with "blinkies." I cannot get enough of them. If you're a reader of my Linda's Blog or DOLLS Blog then you'll know what I mean when I say, "It's a good thing that they aren't like dolls or I'd have them all over my house, too."

I have to confess, however, that I might have a few too many "blinkies." I dare not look at how much space they are taking up on my hard drive. Needless to say its probably a lot.

Since it was gloomy and raining most of the week I thought I'd do some web surfing for "blinkies." I'm happy to report that I found some wonderful new websites and some wonderful new computer "blinkies." They're the "blinkies" shown at the top of this post and they are from "Val's Kingdom." Aren't they wonderful? Don't you just love them? Okay, okay! So you're not having a love affair with "blinkies" like I am.

WhileI was out web surfing I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and update my "blinkies" list as well. So, here's my updated list:

Amethyst's Blinkie Collection
Annie's Graphics Blinkies Links
Blinkie Designs
Blinkie Fun
Blinkie Madness
Blinkie Makers
Blinkies By Mel
Blinky Swap
Carrie's Sims Corner Blinkies
Completement Blinkies
Country Lane Graphics Blinkies
Dejaelaine Blinkies
Desha's Blinkies
Designs By Elizabeth Blinkies
Fae Lily's Faeirie Blinkies
Diet Graphics
From the Heart Blinkies
Grandma's Place Blinkies
Intensity Blinkies
Jo's Blinkie Obsession
Julies Blinkie Machine
Julie's Country Creations Blinkies
Karen's Blog
Kari's Blinkies
Leah's Country Page
Lil Ms Glitter Blinkies
ODS Girl
Otto's Blinkies at O'
Pinkies Blinkies
Riki's Blinkies
Sharry's Place Blinkies's
Teresa's Stuff Blinkies
The Cat Gallery
The Site Fight Blinkies
Teresa's Stuff
Toni Tags
Val's Kingdom Blinkies

I think you all know that I will be updating this list from time to time in my quest to find more "blinkies." Sometimes, however, I think I need to break up with my "blinkie" and end this love affair. Maybe you really can have too many "blinkies." Nah!!! What's a few more?

There's a link to my "Blinkies List" at the top of the right hand sidebar on both the "The Dollie and Crafts Plugboard" and my "Crafting For All Plugboard" blogs.

Just click on the link and start your hunt for your own "blinkies!"

I am going to try to update the "Blinkie's List" list on my "The Dollie and Crafts Plugboard" and my "Crafting For All Plugboard" blogs from time to time. So, check back often to see if I've added anything new.

Please note: Listing of a graphic website does not imply endorsement of the website, business, product, links or integrity of the web page to which the link leads. If you encounter a link on one of the graphic websites that is objectionable and not family-friendly please notify me as soon as possible so that we can remove the listing from this page.

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