Saturday, January 20, 2007

Linda's How-Do-I Series? - Can I Make My Plugboard Bigger?

Inevitably, small business owners who add plugboards to their websites want to know if they can increase the size of their plugboards.

Well, the answer is "yes" and here's how:

Log into your plugboard account at and go to your "Settings" tab on the top menu. You'll see a "Buttons per row:" line and a "Number of rows:" line with a window that contains a number in it. If the number of buttons per row has the number 6 in it, for example, and the number of rows has the number 10 in it, for example, then your plugboard holds 60 banners with 6 buttons across and 10 rows down.

It you want to double this, for example, you'd change the number of buttons across and number of rows down to have any configuration that would fit (height and width) on your website and give you 120 buttons. So, let's say you'd like it to have 10 button across and 12 rows. You'd change the "Buttons per row:" to 10 and the "Number of rows:" to 12.

After you have added the buttons per row and number of rows that you want click "Save" to save your settings. Then go to the "HTML CODE" tab at the top of the page to get your new html code. Once you are on the "HTML Code" page copy the html code that is in the first window and then paste this code into your website or blog where you have your plugboard.

If you change the buttons per row and number of rows in your account, but don't change the html code on your website and/or blog your plugboard will not display properly.

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