Saturday, January 20, 2007

Instant E-Patterns - Isn't Life Grand?

More Exciting Instant Download E-Pattern News!

Have you visited our Linda Walsh Originals website lately? If you have, did you notice the changes that we made to our individual pattern purchase area? I hope you did as we've made it so it much easier for you to buy our patterns.

You can use our Linda Walsh Originals PayPal shopping cart and buy a print pattern. Or, you can use our Linda Walsh Originals PayPal shopping cart and buy an E-Pattern which we will email to you. Or, you can click on the Buy Instant Download E-Pattern link and buy our"Instant Download E-Pattern" from our new "Linda Walsh Originals  website and then instantly download it yourself. You don't even have to wait for us to email it to you.

Don't you just love instantly downloadable E-Patterns? I do. I only wish they had them 40 years ago when I started buying patterns. Of course, back then they didn't even have computers. Watch out, Linda! You're dating yourself, again.

I could go off on a long tangent about the first computer I ever used and bore you to tears, but I won't. Suffice to say I LOVE computers and all their capabilities. They dazzled me 30 years ago and they still dazzle me today. Of course, that might not be saying much as I'm dazzled by "dolls."

Who would ever have thought 40 years ago that you'd be able to sit at a computer screen, select the pattern you want and then print it right away. If you couldn't imagine just buying a pattern over the Internet (which wasn't even in existence) you could never have imagined buying fabric that same way.

Back then you had to go to the sewing store (make that find a sewing store first), look through the HUGE pattern books (which always weighed a ton and still do I might add), open a HUGE drawer (which they could fit an elephant in) and then find the right pattern number. Then you had to search through bolts and bolts of fabric until you found just the right one. Once you were able to remove the bolt from the rack you'd bring the two ton bolt (why was everything always so HEAVY?) over to the cutter, wait in line for what seemed like forever (holding two tons of weight), and then go to the checkout register to pay. After all that HEAVY lifting you'd have to go home and take a nap.

Now, you just let your fingers do the walking - right over your keyboard. In fact, you can buy everything you need over the Internet. Even fabric (which I just love to do). The only lifting you need to do is to move your finger over the mouse or roller ball. That's real tough! Yeah! The problem is it's so easy to do - I can't stop buying. Isn't technology GRAND? So many ways to buy - err, make that spend! I think I'm going to have to tape my fingers together so they can't move.

Enough about me.

So many choices! So many ways to buy! Make that "So Many Ways to Buy Patterns! Isn't life grand?

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