Saturday, January 20, 2007

Don't Forget To Back-up Your Blogs!

Don't Forget To Back-up Your Blogs! That's advice you shouldn't ignore. Especially if you have a large blog, if you have invested a lot of time into your blog, if you have a lot of personal pictures on your blog, if you have a business blog, if you have a family blog, or if you customized the template of your blog. Or, just plain - if you have a blog.

Do you really have to worry about this? The simple answer is "YES." All you really need to do is just get into a routine for backing up.

I have a simple routine that I use to back-up my blog template, my blog articles, and my blog articles URL's. I keep "Notepad" open on my desktop for moving between my various websites and blogs and cutting & pasting things I want here or there.

So, I decided the easiest thing to do was to use "Notepad" to create .txt files for backing up all three of these areas. I have a .txt file for my blog articles, a .txt file for the URL's of my blog articles, and a .txt for my blog's template.

Every time I write an article for my blog I copy the Html code and paste it into my .txt file for blog articles. Then I publish my article, go to my blog, go to that particular articles Archive page and copy/paste the URL to my .txt file for blog article url's. All of this takes about 2 seconds. When it becomes a routine and habit it takes no time at all.

I back-up my blogs template in the same manner by copying and pasting it into a .txt file that I set-up specifically for it. Easy as pie once you're in the habit.

Then, if I want to back-up by .txt files I copy them to an external hard drive that I use as my whole system back-up. Just a few extra minutes of your time can save you a massive headache should you ever lose your blog.

But, do your really have to back-up your blog, too? The simple answer is "YES." If you spend as much time as I do on your blog it would be a shame to lose it. Wouldn't it?

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