Tuesday, December 05, 2006

So Many Blogs - So Many Ways To Subscribe!

We have so many different kinds of blogs and subscribing to them couldn't be easier.

If you'd like to subscribe to my blogs all you have to do is look for the "Would You Like To Subscribe" to my blog box by Feedblitz at the top sidebar or top post of the particular blog you want.

Whether it's my "Linda's Blog", "The Best FREE Craft Articles" blog, or "Tips For Crafters On The Web"blog the subscription area will look something like this:

Would you like to Subscribe to my Linda's Blog?
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What's nice about Feedblitz subscriptions is that if you subscribed to all my blogs Feedblitz would consolidate all the multiple feeds in to one daily email. According to Feedblitz; "Each night (US East Coast) the free service checks on your feeds, figures out the changes, and sends you a single, easy to read email with all the information at your fingertips. If there are no changes, you won't get a message, so FeedBlitz won't clutter up your email system with worthless emails. "

Or, you can subscribe to my blogs via RSS feeder services or customized pages that utilize my blogs RSS feeds. For subscriptions of this nature look for the tiny 88x15 size banners that may look like this:

You can get an email every time I post an article to one of my blogs, have your RSS reader service notified every time I post an article to my blogs, or have your customized page notified every time I post an article to my blogs. You can even just bookmark my blogs and check back when you want to see what I've posted.

And, you can even SUBSCRIBE to my "Linda's Blog" on the main page of my Linda Walsh Originals website.

There are just so many ways to find out what's going on at Linda Walsh Originals. So many blogs - so many ways to SUBSCRIBE!

So, SUBSCRIBE and you'll always know what's going on.

Tips From The Blogging Queen - Commenting On Blogs and How That Can Be Helpful To Your Small Business Website? - Column 2

Tips From The Blogging Queen - Commenting On Blogs and How That Can Be Helpful To Your Small Business Website? - Column 2

In my last "Tips From The Blogging Queen" Column 1 Definition -
we learned that a "BLOGSNOB" is a person who refuses to respond to comments on their blog from people outside their circle of friends. Is this a good thing? No.

Why not? For one reason, it's just plain rude. And, for two - you want your blog readers to feel like you are reading their comments. After all, they took the time to read your blog and comment on it. You should at least take the time to respond to their comments.

Plus, reason number three is exposure for your blog which, hopefully, translates into exposure for your small business website.

Commenting on other people's blogs can be helpful to your blog and small business website. How?

Well, the reason you created your small business website blog was to gain exposure for your small business website. Commenting on other people's blogs, especially if they are in the same field as you, is a way to gain exposure by directing them to your blog.

Most blog owners love people who comment on their blog. After all, you write the blog to get it noticed and read, don't you? If you comment about a blog owners blog and provide a link back to your blog they are more than likely to visit your blog. If they like your blog then they are more than likely to add your blog to their list of blog links or blogroll.

Does this help you? Absolutely. Links to your blog are just as important as links to your website. You spend a lot of time exchanging banners with similar small business websites in order to gain exposure in the search engines. The same logic holds true for your blog. You want to link to blogs that are of a similar nature in the industry your website is in. The more important their blog is (i.e. Google Page Rank) the better it is for your blog.

So, why else should you respond to comments on your blog? Because you never know if the commenter is a current customer or future customer of yours.

Blogs for small business websites are a means to "personalize" you to your customer. Customers can communicate with you and your blog article by means of a comment. If you don't take the time to respond to a comment from a potential customer what does that say about you and your business?

So, are comments helpful? Absolutely. They provide exposure, potential blog links, and a means of communication with your customer.

Do you want to become a "BLOGSNOB?" Absolutely NOT?

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"Tips From The Blogging Queen" Column 2 Definition -

Blaudience - The audience, or readership, of a blog.

Be sure to tune in to future TFTBQ Columns on "Who Is Your Audience and What Should You Tell Them?"