Thursday, November 16, 2006



I've decide to eliminate my monthly Linda Walsh Originals and Linda Walsh Originals Dolls newsletter in favor of my "DOLLS Blog" and Linda's Blog.

It's a BOLD step.

It's daring!

However, it's not a RASH decision.

I've been thinking about my newsletter in the context of my blogs for awhile and weighing the pro's and con's of having both.

All the experts tell you that in order to gain exposure with your customers you should do this and you should do that - one of which is to have a monthly newsletter. So I did and have been producing one for about a year now.

Well, in thinking about my newsletter I thought; "Wait a minute! I have my "Linda's Blog" which is filled with information on what's going on at Linda Walsh Originals and my DOLLS Blog which is filled with information about what's going on at Linda Walsh Originals Dolls. I'm posting to them if not every other day, then at least once a week. Why do I need to duplicate my efforts when I've got my blogs?"

In fact, with all of my blogs there's plenty of opportunity to find out what's going on at my websites. Plenty of exposure.

And, I LOVE MY BLOGS! They are so easy to post to and are so versatile. Does it make any sense to continue to generate a newsletter which is really duplicate work? It's difficult to create and takes a lot of time. My blog posts are a snap to create and post to.

Plus, my customers and blog readers can SUBSCRIBE to my blogs. That way every time I post an article they can either get an email, add my blog to their feed readers, add my blog to their customized pages, etc. They have any multiple number of ways to see my blog posts. What could be better than that?

Why be redundant with a monthly newsletter which contains information that is already in my blogs? In fact, they don't even really have to subscribe - if they have my blog bookmarked they can just go to my blog when they want and read my articles. It's easier to subscribe as they'd be notified every time I posted an article, but it would be up to them.

So, I'm thinking if you have blogs, monthly newsletters are not necessary. Blogs are all you need.

It's a BOLD but LOGICAL step and a step in the right direction for the future.


Judi said...

But then you have to assume the customer will come to you versus you going to the customer. When your newsletter goes out you know you are 'touching' your customer, with your blogs you can't tell who is reading it unless they leave a comment. You can see your aggregate visitors and maybe their city/state - but not who they are. So there is a chance to lose touch with customers this way. IMHO, :-)

Linda said...

Judi, I would agree with you that it is taking a chance. However, you never know whether or not your customer reads the newsletter either. The blog is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and the customer can come back and read the same thing over and over or read something entirely new for that day. My feeling is that most of the email newsletters are deleted right away or after they are read, if they are read. Readers of your blog can stay in touch with what's going on with you and your business on a daily basis if you post that often. Customers can subscribe to your blog just like they subscribe to a newsletter only with the blog you can reach them everyday by posting an article every day. They could get an email everytime you posted an article or get notification with a RSS reader service or personal page that you had updated your blog. So, if you post everyday then you are keeping in touch with your customers all the time. I think it's a win win situation. Time will tell.

Thanks for commenting, Judi. I really appreciate it.

By the way, I just love your blog. It's fantastic.


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