Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wait Until The Other Doll Pattern Designers See My New Website!

Sometimes you meet someone that is just plain exceptional. A year ago I met someone who is exceptional and her name is "Annie Kelly."

Of course, she's going to be embarrassed by this article and will probably want to strangle me.

That's the risk I'll have to run.

Annie, is always the first person in line to offer to help you with any problem, or anything. She's the first to volunteer, is always eager to help, and never asks for much in return. She always has great advice and is straight-forward, which I appreciate. And, she's always willing to listen.

Annie, like a lot of us - wears many hats. She is first and foremost a mother and a wife. She is also a business woman, programmer, doll maker, doll pattern designer, graphic artist, website designer, webmaster, and a slew of other things. And, like a lot of us, she has many websites.

I am a vendor on her Pattern-Central pattern website and have a shoppe on her FolkArt Square on-line marketplace. And, now I have a website designed by and hosted by her "In A Pickle Web Designs" website.

According to Annie, "Our goal here at In A Pickle Web Designs is to create a website that is fully functional and appealing for you and your customers!" She also offers website hosting at very competitive rates.

Annie also runs a doll pattern website called "Primitive Annies", runs on-line "craft shows", an annual doll challenge for charity, an on-line silent auction website, and a funky graphic design website called "Hokey Pokey Primitives."

Well, I was having a problem with my E-Patterns. I was, as you might say - "in a pickle" and Annie said she thought she could help me.

Well, she and her "In A Pickle Web Designs" and her Pattern-Central website certainly did.

You see, Pattern-Central has been selling e-patterns for a very long time and was recently upgraded to convert those e-patterns to "Instant Download E-Patterns" using a unique and very secure shopping cart feature.

In talking with Annie about my E-Patterns problem she suggested that she could develop a website to help me. I told her that my "ideal" solution would be a "mini" version of her Pattern-Central website that could handle all my "Instant Download E-Patterns." Something that was "me" and "only me." Something that my main website could LINK to for every one of my patterns while remaining transparent to my customers as a separate website.

So, Annie designed my BRAND NEW Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns website to look like a page from my main Linda Walsh Originals website.

Moving from one to the other would be easy for my customers. My customers would be able to order multiple "instant download e-patterns" at the same time through one check-out process and receive one email with all the download links. And, the shopping cart on my new website would not interfere with the shopping cart I was using on my main website. So, I could retain the same primary email address at PayPal.

Plus, my customers could always sign into their new account on my Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns website and download their e-pattern should they have a problem with the download. How great was that?

Also, I could link a particular "instant download e-pattern's" page to my blogs, newsletters, emails, etc.

If all that wasn't enough, my new website also had "mailing list" and "subscriber" capabilities, statistics, customer accounts, product categories, multiple page capabilities, and a whole lot more.

Annie also offers a blog, but I have more than enough of them so I declined that. YIKES!!! The "Blogging Queen" turned down a blog????

And, unlike my main website, which is best viewed in Internet Explorer, my new website has no problem being viewed by other browsers like Firefox. A bonus to boot.

So, my BRAND NEW - Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns website was born. It was designed by Annie and "In A Pickle Web Designs" and is hosted with "In a Pickle Web Designs."

I am thrilled!

Wait until all the other doll pattern designers see my new website!

For sure, I am going to be the envy of all the other doll pattern designers!

That's okay. I don't mind. If they want a website of their very own they can always call Annie at "In A Pickle Web Designs." I know she'd help them out, too.

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