Monday, October 02, 2006

My New "Tips From The Blogging Queen" Column

I just seem to have wonderful news this month.

First my "Dear Linda" column at "Primitive Times Magazine" and now my "Tips From The Blogging Queen" column at Faithful Friends Online. WOW!! Two columns! I can see that I'm going to be very busy.

If you want to read my new "Tips From The Blogging Queen" column each month just look for the following on the right hand sidebar of my "Linda's Blog":

If you'd like to read my
"Tips From The Blogging Queen"
column at
"Faithful Friends Online"
or CLICK on my "Blogging Queen Crown" below that Kim at Craftisan's Designs made for me!
Happy blogging! Enjoy the column!

Debbie Goodrich, who is the owner of Debbie's Gift Shop and Faithful Friends Online asked me to write a blogging column for her. I was extremely flattered and, of course, willingly agreed. And so, my "Tips From The Blogging Queen" column was born.

My "Tips From The Blogging Queen" will be all about blogging and will feature information, "tips", "how-to's", and blogging articles. It will be geared towards providing WAHM's, small business website owner's, and crafters with information on blogs and blogging. Hopefully, it will inspire them to create a blog.

My "Tips From The Blogging Queen" will be featured in Debbie's "Faithful Friends Online Newsletter" every month and will be archived on her "Faithful Friends Online" website under "Newsletter."

Well, how great is that? Two new columns! It's actually making me a little nervous. What if I don't have anything to write about? What if I freeze and get writers block?

Nah! Nothing to worry about. Me, not have anything to write about - not "The Blogging Queen!" She always has something to say. With all those blogs - I'd better!

I hope you enjoy the new columns. Happy blogging and having writing.

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