Monday, July 17, 2006

Why a "Tips for Crafters On The Web" Blog?

Why would I want to create a "Tips For Crafters On The Web" blog when I am not an expert on setting up small craft businesses on the web. Well, for a couple of reasons.

The first is born out of sheer frustration. I wish I had had one place to go on the web to tell me everything that I, as a crafter and pattern designer, would need to know. One place that had lists of websites for every subject, tips on where to look, and real experiences. One source, not five million.

The second reason is that I found all of the craft people that I dealt with to be so willing to help, so generous with their time and advice. I wanted to give back a little - to say thank-you. I thought by sharing my experiences during the last year that I might save another small business craft owner some time.

So, who am I. I am not an expert. I'm am a small business craft website owner who published my first website "Linda Walsh Originals" in July 2005 selling "Doll Patterns for Grown-up Girls." I now have over 30 different kinds of websites including my latest "Linda Walsh Originals Dolls" where I sell "Handmade Dolls & Crafts for Grown-up Girls."

"Tips for Crafters on the Web" blog is my journal. It's everything I have in my files. My "tips", my "lists", my "where to go", my "what to do next", my "how to do it notes", my "to do list." I thought I would relate all the experiences I have had during the last year. Hopefully, it may help some of you. I hope it does. I hope it saves you time and becomes your one source.

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