Monday, October 31, 2016

I've Been Playing Again! This Time With

If you're a reader of my Linda's Blog and have been following me and all my blogs (yes, I do have a few! LOL LOL) you are well aware that I love to play and experiment. Especially when it comes to interactive websites.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I received an email from Ana Brady at ( asking me if I'd like to try their "free online custom label creator developed by the team behind the well-known free online tool for designing and customizing labels, Labeley."

Hmmm... Free online tool for designing..... What's not to love about that?

So, given my love of playing I thought I'd try it out. Plus, she volunteered to write a "How to Create Holiday Decorations For Free With Labeley" article for me. Another plus....

While I had planned to do other things today I decided to read her how-to article and try out Labeley.

Here's what her article said:

How to Create Holiday Decorations For Free With Labeley

You must’ve noticed over the past few weeks how the nature around us has been changing its colors. Leaves on trees turned pale yellow, coral, and even bright red. The whole nature is gradually taking on warm golden, amber and scarlet hues. These changes of colors indicate that the green summer is long gone and fall rolls around. The temperature is dropping, but the holiday excitement is rising. Halloween is just around the corner, while Thanksgiving and Christmas are on their way. It’s that time of the year when you seem to be spending most of your your spare time on decorating your home for the next holiday.

Thankfully, fall with its colors and hues is probably the most inspirational season for holiday decorations. And what better way to spread the holiday spirit than to bring the warm and vivid hues of fall into your home? Let the fall inspire you with ideas to decorate your home this holiday season! You can mix elements such as fall foliage, pumpkins, pinecones, acorns and candles to decorate your fireplace or entrance or any other part of the house. Or, for more Halloween-centric appeal you can add some scary spiders or bats on the curtains, furniture etc.

One tool that can definitely come in pretty handy in these holiday decorating endeavors is Labeley. It’s a free online label maker that allows you to create all kinds of holiday stickers for decorating your gifts, creating festive centerpieces, making fun-looking place cards, preparing fun games for the youngest, decorating the holiday meals and more.

How to use Labeley for creating holiday decorations?

Visit Labeley Holidays and start designing your labels. Labeley offers several label elements you can play with. Start by choosing a shape for your label. Once you’ve done that, you will be able customize the look of the background, add a border if you need one, add some fun and colorful text, and ultimately spruce up your design with graphics. You can choose among many different illustrations for Halloween (bats, cats, spiders, ghosts, owls and more), than Thanksgiving (turkeys, pies, gravy, acorns, leaves and more), Christmas (Santa Claus, Christmas tree, gingerbread man, Rudolph the reindeer and more). Labeley also offers an extra feature to upload any image from your computer and use it in the design as a background or center element. For example, you can upload photos of your family and make fun holiday ornaments.

You can play and create as many designs as you like, save and download them on your computer, print them out and use them for any holiday craft. Should you decide to keep your designs for next year’s holidays, you can sign up for a free Labeley account where you’ll have all your labels waiting for you to modify or reuse them again as they are.

Labeley sticker maker is really simple and easy-to-use, so chances are that you’ll have numerous holiday designs prepared in just a few minutes. Give Labeley a spin and jazz up your home with fun holiday crafts!

Seemed easy enough to use so I decided to give it a try.

I started by familiarizing myself with thew different features which was very easy to do and only took a couple of minutes. It definitely was very easy to use.

Since today is Halloween I decided to create a Halloween label using a combination of my own graphics and some of their graphics. I choose a shape, added a background, added a border, and then started adding and re-sizing the graphics until I had a Halloween label I liked. The alpaca, green and rust trees, house and brown tree with spider webs in the label shown above were my graphics. The rest were theirs. After I was pleased with the layout I added the "Happy Halloween" text and then saved the image to my computer.

I like to add stickers to the back of the holiday cards that I send out each year so I decided to create labels for that purpose using one of my own graphics.

For each I started with a shape, added a background color, added a border, uploaded and re-sized my own graphics and then added my "Happy Holidays" text. It literally took seconds to do this. It was that easy.

I also love using gift labels on all my Christmas presents and am always looking for cute designs. So, I thought I'd design a "To: and From:" gift label of my own, which is shown in the picture. Once again I started with a shape, added a background pattern, uploaded and re-sized my own graphics and then added my "To: and From:" text. I love how it turned out. Of course, my imagination got the better of me as all sorts "To: and From:" label designs started filling my head.

At this point I knew it was time to stop. I was having way too much fun with this. I decided I'd wait until tomorrow to decide how many of my stickers and gift labels I was going to order.

Make It Your Own

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Some Of My Linda Walsh Originals Custom Fabric Designs Are Now Available At

We have wonderful news.  Some of my Linda Walsh Originals Custom Fabrics Victorian designs are available on the Archer Button Up Shirt project pattern design at my LWOriginals Sprout Patterns Projects page at .  I'm listed under LWOriginals.

According to the website: Sprout Patterns is a new service that offers public indie sewing patterns that you combine with Spoonflower designs to create customized cut and sew projects. Each project is digitally printed by Spoonflower at their Durham, NC headquarters. We take out all the work of putting a sewing pattern onto fabric and leave you with the fun of creating garments and accessories.

Simply put, just choose your sewing pattern from our curated collection, then fill it with your design of choice from Spoonflower's marketplace. Select your size and type of fabric, and we do all the rest! You will receive a package that includes a digitally printed custom sewing pattern, instructions and the original PDF pattern with all sizes.

So far I have 16 different Victorian Archer Button Up Shirt designs and hope to add more in the near future.  Just click on the shirt you like below:

Our New Linda Walsh Originals Custom Fabric Designs Product Line At

We have wonderful news.  Our Linda Walsh Originals Custom Fabrics designs are available on several different household products at our "Linda Walsh Originals" Shop. "

According to the website: Founded in December 2015, Roostery is building a unique home décor marketplace where you'll be able to select from over 350,000 indie surface designs or upload your own patterns and bring them to life on an array of home décor products. We plan to offer a wide array of custom-made home décor products, from throw pillows and tea towels to chairs and couches to duvets and sheets. All of our products will be created with Spoonflower fabric, printed in Durham, NC, and then custom made in the United States.

So far there are two different types of throw pillows (Serama and Catalan), cloth dinner napkins, cloth cocktail napkins, linen tea towels, cloth placemats, and two types of chairs (Venda Sloped Arm Chair and Maran Slipper Chair).

Check out all our designs by clicking on the product links below:.

A New Product Line and Category For It's Raining Doll Parties With Two Designs - We Love Books and Hawk Family Books

We have wonderful news.  Our "It's Raining Doll Parties"  has an adorable new product line - "We Love Books" with the two graphics shown above. " We Love Books" is shown in the picture above on the left and "Hawk Family Books" is shown in the picture above on the right.

There are currently 28 new products in this line right now, but we will be adding more so be sure to visit our "We Love Books" category in our "It's Raining Doll Parties Gallery."

See other gifts available on Zazzle.

We also have several "We Love Books" custom fabric designs products available at our "Linda Walsh Originals" shop. 

So far we have two different types of pillows, cloth dinner napkins, cloth cocktail napkins, linen tea towels, cloth placemats, and two types of chairs which have been upholstered with our "We Love Books" designs. Check them out. You're going to love them.